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blood test today

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k so i'm finishing up my first month of tane, so i went for a blood test today, first they poked me and it missed, so they poked my other arm, this time they hit it, but i ended up passing out on the chair, and apparently had a seizure to go along with that, then i had to spend 20 mins on a hospital bed, and it was all for a little bit of blood. ugh i wonder what the next ones will be like

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Oooooooo-I feel for you. I always *almost* pass out and have to ask to lie down. Next time tell them what happened this time and ask to lie down.

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Aww that's no fun but i did make me feel better a little better. At least now i know i'm not the only one that passes out from bloodtests.

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Add me to the list.....

It didn't hurt, I didn't mind it at all; I was sitting up on the doctor's exam table and I thought I was fine. The nurse says 'Are you okay? You look a little pale...' and I say 'Nah, not at all, I'm fine'. Then, all of a sudden my vision started getting black and I felt light headed.....I said 'Okay, maybe I should lay down' then sorta slumped over on my side.

I woke up 10 minutes later and I felt so bad for the poor nurse (my mom is a nurse) but she had sorta flipped me over (I'm guessing she did it) so I was flat on my back and put some cold compress thing on my forehead.

I felt like crap for the rest of the day, and then, even the next day, at the gym I felt very lightheaded during my heavier lifts; I had to stop early.

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It happened to me as well. I was talking to the nurse and felt fine and then suddenly I started feeling a bit dizzy and sick and as I went to tell her I wasn't feeling too good, boom I was out. Haha. I opened my eyes and they'd spilt my blood over my clothes and the siren thingy was going off to get more nurses in the room and there was me there like 'wtf' :lol: . You'll probably be fine the next times, I was anyway.. just tell them you fainted before and they'll lie you down. Ohh funtimes. Good luck with accutane

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