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Everyone had their shots at me?

ok can I please say something now. I know this is an drugs for Acne site.

So I suppose you can talk about the dangers of drugs like Accutane here too? I guess you can. So let me tell you how DANGEROUS this drug is.

Doctor's don't know NOTHING when it comes to Acne. I am not saying

they don't know anything but in regards to Acne they don't. They are

just looking for a cure to the symptoms and not the actual cause.

You know what Accutane does? It DAMAGES your Oil Glands so badly

that they stop producing oil, this helps with Acne for a while but

after the drug has worn of your Acne will come back worse. From what

I know and learnt, your hormones will all get locked in your blood

and when these are exposed to toxins you will get Acne. Your Liver

is your key organ for skin, it's the liver that Accutane damages the

most. Why do you think your doctor always makes sure you get blood

tests to check that your liver is not getting so badly damaged that

it fails.

Listen people whatever you think I am not your enemy I am here to

help. Personally from what I have been through I think $40 is

nothing to pay to get this info. But to show money does not even

come into it for me I am prepared to help anyone who wishes to seek

help in this group.

There is a natural way that you can cure yourself. It run's with

nature not against it. Just like it was meant too. Remember your

Acne is an internal message that something is not right, by covering

it up with drugs you may be helping your self short-term but long-

term you are causing so much damage.

U still might be mad that I am in an drugs messagrboard talking about

other "cures" But that's because I know how bad drugs are and I

don't want people to suffer needlessly because their doctor didn't

know better.

At the end of the day it's up to you to try, can this really be so

bad that you can't give it a go and see your results within days? Am

I gonna ask you to run a marathon? No, so what's the harm in trying.

At best you will see results at worst nothing will change.

Please I have made my point, I have no intention of shoving the

program down your throats.

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Bang! Bang!

*Shoots AC again*


You said before you don't want to fall out with me over this biggrin.gif your going the wrong way about it O:)

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