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artecoll (artefill) article

I cannot remember if this medical article has been published before. I found the study on two sites. One charges $15 for download and the other does not.

Here is a link for the entire article.


I was impressed with the information about its use for acne scars.

It has a good picture of a woman who had severe depressed scars before artecoll treatment.


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Acne Scars Pg 10

Arte.ll is very effective for mature mildly depressed

‘‘rolling’’ acne scars19 and is currently the only

permanent treatment option. These can be .lled either

horizontally from a distance of 5 to 10mm or in

‘‘boxcar scars’’ perpendicularly downward directly

into the center, continuously guiding the needle back

and forth. In scars, Arte.ll should be implanted as

super.cially as possible until blanching appears. This

effect can be spread and vanished with the .ngernail.

Fresh scars should not be treated, as they may not

show any improvement and actually worsen.

Ice-pick scars require a pretreatment. They should

be punched and sutured or subcised with a no. 11

blade or a double-beveled Nokor needle19 at a depth

of approximately 1 mm.20,21 The fresh wound cavity

can easily be .lled with Arte.ll 3 to 8 days later, after

the swelling has subsided and the incision wound has

.rmly closed (Figures 19 and 20).

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Mary, only a few doctors in the States offer it right now, those that participated in the FDA study.. but you can go to Canada.

If your scars disappear when pinched, Artecoll may help. It will take a 3-5 injections. Only go to a Dr. that has done alot of treatments. I don't know if I'd go to a US Dr. even when it comes out, they'd be too inexperienced. The Drs. that have experience are in San Diego, San Fran, Florida, a couple other places.

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Artecoll was supposed to get FDA approval this past summer....but it's now October. Now it's scheduled for approval 1st quarter of next year. They better not delay it again. All the testing is done....why is the FDA holding back? Please approve it on time so people can try this. [-o<

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