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Post Accutane! Need Advice On Antibiotics People...

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Accutane cleared me 100% but like most people oil returned but I caught it quickly and started doing SA+BP around the 3-4 month mark which kept the break-out I had to a minumim and is keeping my mild acne under control [for the time being] but it's not enough.

I have been on Minocycline and Doxycycline before but silly me being only 14 at the time only took a 1 month course and never went back to the Doc... ](*,) They both worked quite well on my face and im thinking of giving them another try. I'm going to try Doxycycline first when I build up a resistance to it most people say switch to the Minocycline is this correct??

Is BP ok to use with my antibiotic?? I just really want to catch it early as to avoid a second course of Accutane [-o<


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I posted a similiar thread just recently I have heard really good things about Doxy almost everyone that tries it have success but the problem is the immunity and its stops working!

I hope others with more experience can give you some better input!

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Have you tried Septra? I'm taking it right now-it's a kind of sulfur medication. It seems to be working after taking it for a little over two weeks...no new breakouts. You do have to get a blood test every 6 months though.

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mmm Septra no havent heard it does it have any alternate names I might know it as something else?

I also asked this question because a freind of mine got mild acne back after Accutane and he said because hes oil production was decreased by alot after the Accutane Antibiotics worked twice as good as before the Accutane!

I will ask about the Septra though thanks!

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