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***Cece's Roaccutane Journey***

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Hi fellow hopefuls!


Name: Cece

Age: 24

Location: Australia

Weight: 45 kg

Acne sufferer since 12 years old

I took my first course of roaccutane over 6 years ago when I was 17 years old. I've decided to keep a log for this second course because, to be honest, I'm quite upset with myself for not remembering much about the roaccutane experience the first time round. I don't even remember the dryness symtom so I'm assuming I was on a low dose course. But I do remember that it cleared my acne almost immediately (within the first couple of months), and I didn't experience the IB. However, my acne also came back almost straight after my 7-9 month (??) course. BTW, I hope my lack of memory wasn't caused by the drug! :think: But I must say, it's been pretty mild yet very persistent up until about 3 months ago when my whole face flared up!!! :cry:

3 months ago

Intially I thought I had perhaps a reaction from a face cream or makeup because what I had didn't look like acne. I've never had tiny bumps under the skin before and it stayed that way for over a month. But now, it definately looks like acne - the tiny bumps turned into whiteheads, I have a million active cysts, and my skin is now bumpy, inflammed and red! When I was on roaccutane for the first time, my acne was bad enough but now as an adult, I'm still having a hard time accepting that I now suffer from SEVERE acne :(


I will post some before pics up as soon as I figure out how to!

Day 1 (yesterday)

I had my first appt with my new dern yesterday and he prescribed me roaccutane on the spot! Which is what I was hoping for because I had my GP fax over the blood test I did last week. I was very lucky to get that appt since I have been trying to get appt's with other derms but everyone seem to have avery long waiting list! I just couldn't bear waiting any longer and even considered buying them off the net at one (desparate) stage.

Anyway, the visit went well and I even got a roaccutane kit to take home! It contains a gentle cleanser, moistoriser and lip balm! I was soooo excited I also went to the chemist and got my prescription straight away and popped my first pill (after eating a smoke salmon sandwich) on the train on my way to work! I've been directed to take 1x20mg pill a day for the first 2 weeks and then up it to 2x20mg until I see him again in 6 weeks time.

I woke up this morning with the same amount of oiliness/redness/active pimples on my face as the day before roaccutane. I know it's early days but I'm very hopeful this time round...

Day 2

Took my 2nd pill at lunch time and haven't noticed much difference since. It's now 11:15pm and my face it oily as ever. No side effects to report either.

I will keep you all updated with any signficant changes and of course wish you all luck with your treatment! We are in this together!



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Thanks P&W! I really hope so because I'm not feeling good today :(

Day 3

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone experienced the IB within the first few days? My skin is soo horrible today when I woke up. It looks and feels alot worst then yday! I can't believe how many new pimples I got overnight..my face is so red and worst of all it's so sore that I can't even eat! I'm still very oily but at the same time dehydrated (flaky)?? Is anyone else experience this? Oh and my face is soooooooooo itchy! What can I put on at night that will relieve the itchiness without aggravating the acne?

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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Day 7

I'm definately experiencing my initial breakout! It's been progressively worst since the day 3 on tane. What's worst makeup is making it look unbearable! My acne looks like enormous mossie bites under the skin and I can't exactly hide it under makeup anymore. I'm also experiencing itchiness (from the dryness on my jawline), however, my face is still producing excess oil! I try relieving the itchiness with cream but that just makes even more oily than I already am. The cream I got for the dryness is also awlful as a base for makeup! I bought a new lotion for the day with spf 30 that I could use under makeup (it states ideal as a makeup base), which is non-greasy and relieves dryness and redness. I figure I could use my other cream for chronis dryness at night, that way I could still use makeup during the daytime. I know that makeup might make the acne worst but I could not possible leave the house with me face all inflammed and red! It's very sad but I wouold rather my acne covered up even if the bumps are cleary visible.

I've also notice the skin under my eyes (esp the left one) is really thin and red now. It actually looks like I haven't slept for about 2 weeks. I don't think I should get a cream for it since it's super sensitive right now. I have been dabbing the cream for dryness though..do you think it's ok?

We had a family get together at my house yesterday and I felt awful! I didn't want to leave my room and then felt it was my duty to explain to everyone my skin situation before they actually ask me because I knew it was coming and think it's actually worst when that happens. I hate it because they look at me and can't believe how bad my skin has become and was probably wondering why I haven't done anything about it! Like I really like having my skin looking like this!! I'm soooo upset because it looks actually worst BECAUSE I AM DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I get the same looks at work as well...speaking of work, I really don't know how I'm going to cope if this get any worst than what it is now! How long does the IB usually last?? I don't know if its normal to be breaking out so early..should I see my derm again before my appt in 5 weeks?

Sorry guys..just venting..I haven't really spoken to anyone about my acne this week. Just been avoiding everyone! I'm out now..should get some of that cream on me now because I'm itching like hell just typing here! Update in a couple of days..



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Day 8

Exactly one week today..my face looks like I've been stung by a bee..multiple times! :shock:

OMG its soo horrid I can't describe it. Itchiness has gone down but still quite red. There cannot possibly be more under my skin that needs to be pushed out..I think it's allll out! The only surface on my face that isn't covered in cysts is my nose! I really can't wait for this week to be over...

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Day 15

It's been 2 whole weeks! I'm feeling much better today. I had such a terrible time during the IB last week..actually broke down a few times :cry:

Skin is still quite itchy and red but the inflammation has gone down a tiny bit. I'm a little use to my face looking this bad now so any slight improvement is tops!

Since day 9, I've been getting daily nose bleeds. They last for about 30 minutes each time so it's been very draining and annoying. Does anyone else nose bleed everyday? It's strange because I'm not even dry, esp no in the nose so I don't know why I'm getting the nose bleeds?

Still getting new cysts and I've also notice alot of new nodules along my jawline and under my chin and on my neck! They look like large insect bites and feel really hard. Oh and also forgot to mention that I've been on 40mg a day for the past week.

Update in a few days..

xoxo Cece

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Day 22

Exactly 3 weeks of roaccutane now! My eyes are really sore and red now..I've been using eye drops for the past week, up to 4-5 times a day! Nose bleeds are every second day now..still quite uncomfortable.

Skin condition: slight improvement..not as oily and alot flatter on the left side of my face. It's funny my 'worst' side keeps changing every week. My face is still quite inflammed but it is alot less red..actually just pink now.

I really hope the worst has passed and it just gets better from now..fingers cross! :pray:


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Day 49

Wow! Okay..so I haven't updated in like 2 weeks! Time really flie...

I had my second appointment with my dermo last week. He asked a few questions..very routine. Told hime that I was getting bad nose bleeds for the first 2 weeks and besides from sore eyes and dry skin, no other major side effects. He kept me on 40mg a day and I won't see him for another 2 months! Was a really quick visit actually. He also said that the worst is over and now my skin should improve and start healing. I must admit, it's turned around so quickly! I have to say after the third week, I started to see improvement. Surface is quite smooth and flat right now, however without makeup, still red! Those marks are sooo ugly! My face isn't too dry anymore, although I have notice my arms and legs are getting drier than before. That's not really an issue because I just slap on heaps of cream..better than having flaky face! My skin is no longer itchy as well! My only complaint would be the sore red eyes..putting eyes drops about three times a day!

My self esteem has picked up dramatically! I can't believe how nice skin can make you feel. My skin is still not the best it can be..but it's much better..especially after the flare up and getter alot worst. It's so important that people who just started on Roaccutane and those who actually got the IB stick with it becuase I'm telling you now that it'll get better and when it does..it'll be all of a sudden! Thank goodness I read other logs and had that comforting messages or else I would not have survived that painful first month!

Okay know I've been slack with the updates..just really busy at the moment but I'm hoping to put some photos of my progress up in the next week!



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