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I'm going to see my derm on friday, for what will be the first time in about two years. I'm hoping to start on a second course of roaccutane, depending on what she says of course.

This might seem like abit of a weird question, but does anyone know whether isotretinoin weakens the immune system at all?? The reason I ask this is because for about 7 months now, I have been suffering from long-term tonsillitis which comes and goes, and also makes me much more prone to picking up germs.

I want to know whether it is ok, or 'safe' to take such a strong drug while my body seems pretty weak.

One option is to take the tonsils out, although my GP said that in time (probably months!!) the tonsils may heal themselves. However, in the mean time I am abit like a sponge when it comes to picking up colds etc....

I'm probably not making myself very clear, but I just feel anxious about putting my body through roaccutane right now. Having said that, I'm hoping it will be ok!! I'm hoping she'll say it wont make any difference to my general health. My skin is really really depressing me, and I just look so awful today. I'm 22 now, and I just want rid of the acne!! I'm hoping I can take the roaccutane without affecting my immune system.

I know I'm not making myself clear, I just wondered if anyone knew any info that might help me. I've searched on google, and can't find any link between isotretinoin and immune system, but still can't stop worrying.

Thanks for reading, I hope someone can reassure me.


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