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Skin care/Cleansing Regime

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Hi all

I posted a topic a few months ago where I expressed some concern that I was not sure whether accutane would work for me as I do not have oily skin. Anyway, a few of you were kind enough to reply and explained that although you didnt have oily skin, accutane worked for you. SO, I have taken the big step and am on accutane.

Initially, I was on 20mg for 2 weeks but am now on 40mg and man is it drying my skin and lips!!! :(

So, my question is what should my cleansing regime be given the change in my skin.

At the mo, I use a cleansing balm which involved using a hot flannel to remove makeup etc. Is this ok to continue. I thought my be the hot flannel may not be a good idea.

I exfoliatated the other day as thought this would get rid of the dry flaky skin but this seemed to irritate my skin. I think I should stop. Can I continue to use face masks.

Finally, I need a really good recommendation for a moisturiser as my skin is v dry and flaky so much so that it is very apparent when i wear my foundation and looks awful. is there anything I can do to minimise the flaky dried look?

I think thats about it. Oh I live in England so it would be great if any recommended products were purchasable here.

Many thanks for any help and advice

Rach xx

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The best thing to do when on Accutane is to simplify. Use a gentle cleanser like Purpose liquid (it gets makeup off just fine). I suspect the flannel would be irritating. Don't use chemical exfoliants or scrubs. If you have peeling skin, rub it gently with your fingertips in the shower and the flakes should just rub off with minimal irritation. Anything that's left you can gently rub off with a damp terry cloth towel. Use a good non-comedogenic moisturizer designed for sensitive skin. Use a good body lotion to prevent patches of ezcema from forming.

And don't expect too much. You are going to be very dry while on Accutane, it comes with the territory, just try to manage it as best you can.

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