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Hi friends. I have a really severe problem with oiliness. I'm reading a lot about jojoba oil, and it seems like it has a lot of promise. However, apart from the fact that this forum has a rather odd and inefficient search engine, most of the posts I've found about jojoba oil seem to merely rehash the same idea that jojoba may help trick the skin into producing less oil as it has a similar texture to sebum (smth like that).

I've looked at the Ratings page for Jojoba oil, not that much info on how it's helped oiliness. I'm wondering if jojoba oil has actually worked on any of you for oily skin, and if so to what extent? Some of the posts I've seen says it "balances out" the skin, which is really vague to me. Thanks guys;)

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It's an incredible moisturiser and goes great with the CSR, but I haven't seen any change in my skin oilyness.

I don't really think it can "trick" the skin in producing less oil.

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I use 2 drops of cold pressed, organic Jojoba Oil as a moisturizer at night. Jojoba works as an emollient antioxidant and excess sebum dissolves in it. It mimics collagen (cosmetic collagen is obtained from cows :evil:), so since I prefer Vegan products, this is perfect for me!

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