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hello, i've been lurking around the boards for some time now but i'm starting to feel really bummed about this situation and it's starting to take its toll on my confidence-- I'm sure most of you can sympathize! :boohoo: i have a couple of questions:

first, I was wondering if anyone has/had acne similar to mine (see pics) and what has/hasn't worked for them. any suggestions are welcome, but i can't get to a dermatologist right now so at home remedies or OTC recommendations are prefered. i'm not too keen on BP as it makes my skin texture really leathery. currently on the "dip regimn" with an occasional cetaphill wash, and as you can see things aren't going so well.

second, what the HECK do you do to keep from picking?! anybody else have a problem with this? The way I see it there is popping a pimple, which usually helps it to heal faster. but then there is what i do, which is probably borderline OCD, and probably makes things a lot worse hah.

pleeeease share your experiences.



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Ahh! Another picker like myself. I can so relate to you on this. Actually I think there has to be a picking gene b/c me and my 2 sisters are pickers. And I seem to remember my dad was kind of a picker and now my 8 yo daughter is a picker (not of acne yet but of any scab, bump or peeling skin on her body.

I don't have an answer for you, but just wanted to say I relate! I also seem to have similar looking acne as yours and I haven't found the right combo yet either, but rx meds did nothing for my acne in the long run. I'm 31 still trying to figure it out.

Best of luck!

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I am bad with picking too. I noticed though that I made sure to wash my hands before I touched/picked at my face, so now I just don't wash my hands. I won't let myself touch my face otherwise. Also, stay away from mirrors. Avoid looking at the mirror when in the bathroom. It's definitely a hard habit to quit, but those two things helped me. I rarely pick anymore.

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Find a whole bunch of pictures of 'scarring from picking', and look at them when you feel like doing it :P that'll scare your hands into staying away from your face.

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