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Hey folks. Well I'm cleared of acne now, but I've got a severe problem with oiliness. How oily is my face? Well it starts to get shiny like 3 hours after washing my face. After 3 hours, I have to use like 2 whole blotting sheets on my face (I use Clean & Clear), and I have to blot every 2 hours after that to keep my face matte. This really isn't a solution. I wash twice a day, with warm water, and Eucering Sebum Reducing Cleansing Gel. I moisturize at night with Eucering Skin Regulating Creme-Gel. Other than that, I use an egg white mask for 20 minutes at night. That's my routine. I've tried to keep things as simple as possible.

I feel like I'm really at the end of the tether of trying to control the oiliness on my face. I've tried Milk of Magnesia, 100mg Zinc, 20 000IU Vitamin A , 6gm Vitamin C a day (all for a period of 2 months) - doesn't work. I'm taking 2 tablespoons of Flaxseed oil a day as well, which I believe has controlled my acne, but has done nothing for the oiliness. Differin did nothing either (used for 2 months). Neither did 6% AHA, 8% AHA or 15% AHA. Applying 5% Apple Cider Vinegar a few times a day did not help either.

Short of taking 10gm Vitamin B5, Accutane (never, no way), and other extreme measures, what can I do?? I'm really starting to think oiliness is a genetic thing. Please help.

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hey there,

the dip regimn has definately helped reduce the oilyness of my skin.

i'm with you on "keeping it simple"... now that you're clear do you think that washing only in the evenings would be useful? the more you wash the more sebum you produce...i think. regardless, dipping in the morning and washing only at night has helped me tons.

also, people have said that jojoba oil has positive effects. i'm not sure of the specifics, but you'll find it if you do a search.

good luck

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Hey fishies;) Er what exactly is dipping? I really don't know about washing once a day. I could try to see how that goes, but the cleanser I'm using now is probably as mild as it gets. I'm definitely looking into trying jojoba oil.

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just a quick word of advice -- i would recommend using a different brand of blotting sheets instead of Clean & Clear. Clean & Clear actually puts mineral oil in theirs! (just look at the ingedients.) i heard this from someone else, but didn't believe them until i looked at the package i'd just bought. it's true! i'm returning that shit to the store as soon as i can! :lol:

personally, i love Boscia, which you can get at sephora or on the sephora website. you get twice as many as clean & clear, and for cheaper when you add it up ( ~$5.80 for 50 clean & clear vs. $10 for 100 Boscia).

here's a link:


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here is the link to the thread on dipping-- it feels oh so nice!

Btw I gotta say. I don't know if steaming/dipping actually works for some of you. But I found that in that past when I didn't begin bathign with hot water, I never had acne. Recently I stopped bathing with hot water for the past few weeks and I do not even get the smallest pimple. This might be the result of the flaxseed oil as well, but I'm about 90% sure it has something to do with not bathing with hot water as well.

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