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HAHA today I wanted to make applesauce so I cut 2 apples (not organic) and peeled the skin cuz i was afraid of pesticides. Well first of all I forgot to put a cup so it was going everywhere lol :doh: But I realized since i took the skin off, it was coming out like liquid, so much for the applesauce, I tossed it in a blender with rasberries and blueberries and made a smoothie instead :dance:

Anyways I was wondering if anyone had any great receipes for puddings and/or smoothies. Also I discovered that smoothies work best with yogurt and frozen fruit. Anyone have a good yogurt that is all natural and doesnt taste like yuck?

Feel free to share! Thanks! :cool:

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Wow, I thought this would be a thread along the lines of the people that got paralyzed recently from botulinum in bottled carrot juice haha.

Jen, just get plain yogurt and sweeten it with stevia or honey. I tried Vanilla kefir and I agree it's a bad flavor, you should try Raspberry.

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my friend says the skin of the apple contains the most nutrients in an apple. i peel my because of pesticides as well, and sometimes u get those apples that turn literally white because the pesticides and chemicals become apparent when washed...sickening. but anyone something about that skin...nutrients...apple thing eh?

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The apple skin has fiber too I think. I can't remember exactly what, but the skin contains a lot of the nutrition. But I know what you mean about the pesticides. When I added more salads to my diet, ironically I broke out more and I still believe it was because of the pesticides.

Sorry, I actually have no recipes to share, haha just here throwing in my 2 cents about pesticide hate too. I might as well share a yummy site while I'm here though. www.deliciousdays.com =)

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