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Foods eating/applied topically to make skin heal faster?

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I am about 98% clear, but have tons of cuts (both acne and non-acne related), including red marks on my face. What foods/viatmins can have help the skin cells replenish themsevles faster? I've read some good stuff about vitamin E, but some real people experiences would be super. :)

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take 4 cups of green smoothies a day. :)

vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, and MSM promote faster healing and repair.

im on accutane and vitamin E (w/ yeast-free selenium), vitamin C from lemons/limes, and zinc help my skin heal faster

P.S. im takin a lot of supplements actually.


on acnetrex isotretinoin, 10mg/day (6th month)|| 4 cups green smoothies a day or every other day || healthy diet following kiesen's & other's principles || vitamin C from 1/2-1 lime/green lemon juice diluted in a glass/cup of water || vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) 400 IU with yeast-free selenium 100 mcg and lecithin from soy 1600 mg (2x/day) ||optima omega: marine lipid concentrate 1100 mg, omega 3 EPA 150 mg, DHA 100 mg, other omega 3 fatty acids 50 mg, and deodorized garlic oil 1 mg (2x/day) || soy lecithin granules 1 tablespoon || calcium 1000 mg with magnesium (from magnesium oxide, chelate) 25 mg, zinc (from zinc oxide chelate) 25 mg, vitamin D3 (as choecalciferol) 200 IU, betaine HCI 100 mg, and glutamic acid HCI 100 mg || bee pollen 500 mg (2x/day) || skin-hair-and-nail supplements (from my derm) || moojamba's hot water method (no cleansers/soap/medicated topicals unless there's cosmetics to remove)
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