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Might have PCOS...

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Okay...I'm now pretty much convinced that I have PCOS. I have a lot of the symptoms..the oily skin, the acne, some excess body hair (blush), pelvic pains, etc etc. I have an appointment on Friday to get checked out. In a sense, I will be relieved if I do have it, because then I might finally have an answer to why I have acne. I just wish I had discovered this sooner before acne left my poor face all scarred. Sad thing is...if it wasn't for acne.org, I might never even have heard of PCOS.

I am wondering...have any of you gone on birth control for PCOS and had a reduction of acne? If you had oily skin...did it make it less oily? Did your pores close up at all? What type did you use? A few years ago I went on ortho tri cyclin (for birth control...not as an acne treatment) and I remember the doctor suggested to me that it might also help with my acne (this was back before I really thought much about my acne problem and didn't know that I could have been having a hormonal imbalance). Anyways, the pill did *not* have an effect on my acne if I remember correctly.

Any insight would be hugely appreciated!! Thanks everyone!!

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I am curious if you found out anything at your Dr.s appt?

I was diagnosed with PCOS one year ago. My Dr recommended a few different drug therapies: birth control pills, spironolactone, and glucophage AKA metformin. I had taken birth control pills a few years ago and they caused severe weightgain, so I didnt want to go that route again (also because BC pills can increase risk of blood-clots, heart attack and stroke). Spironolactone and metformin both had some pretty bad side effects listed, and I couldnt see what they were supposed to do besides simply regulate ovulation itself (they dont seem to be effective in combating major symptoms like the hair growth, acne, or weight gain), so I decided it wasn't worth it for me to take them.

However, if you do decide to try metformin or spironolactone, I would be very interested to hear how it works for you.

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My gynecologist thinks I have polycystic ovaries, and he put me on birth control to regulate my period and to get rid of acne. I was on estrostep for 8 months and my acne cleared up, I think the oil might cleared a tiny bit but I don't think my pores looked smaller. Anyway, estrostep caused me to have depression and bigger boobs and headaches and sometimes nausea, so I went off it. Then about 5 months later I started breaking out again, so 2 months ago I started ortho tricyclen lo and it has been clearing up my acne, only bigger boobs and depression as a side effect. So birth control has definitely helped my acne caused by what is probably PCOS, you just need to find the right one. I've heard good things about spirolactonone or however you spell it also.

Oh by the way, I've also been on minocycline for years which has also helped to keep acne at bay.


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My doctor also thinks I might have PCOS. I went in and talked with her today about my treatment resistent acne and other symptoms I have, and she suggested doing all the tests to see if it is PCOS or not. She says that if it is PCOS the treatments she would recommend are Yasmin or spironolactone. Now I have to wait and see...I can't take the tests for another couple of weeks (because they have to be done on the 3rd day of my period) so I should find out shortly after that.

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