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IPL laser for indented scars

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Intense Pulse Light Treatment. Assuming this is what you're talking about. Nevertheless, it didn't work for me. I had four sessions, totalling around $200/$250 AUD each, around two years ago. I was told it would stimulate collagen etc. Sessions lasted around 10 mins each time, and redness persisted for only a day or two. I had both indented scars and red marks treated - even the red marks failed to disappear. The funny thing is, IPL treatment is also used to get rid of facial hair. Well, at least one thing worked - there are moderate bare patches on my face whenever I happen to grow stubble lol.

In short, IPL was a waste of time and money (for me).

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I had it thinking it would smooth my scars, get rid of some of the bumpy spots and red spots, well it did help some of the red and got rid of some visible blood vessels and spider veins I got from pregnancy but that was it. Nothing spectacular for scars

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I had three sessions to reduce redness from hyperpigmented scars and broken blood vessels. I have never heard of IPL being used to treat scars other than hyperpigmentation. It did reduce much of the redness and also reduced some of the pore size in some of my enlarged pores. Overall, I found it to be effective and met my expectations.

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IPL is to even out skin TONE, not to build collagen, at least not primarily, like other lasers like YAG, Smoothbeam or Cooltouch. I had IPL done on a keloid on my chest, plus an injection of steriods (it's legal, for this purpose, haha), and it worked really well. Basically IPL is a blast of light that kills off the scar tissue and promotes new skin growth to replace the dead tissue, causing the scar to lighten and become less obvious.

Think what you should do is to talk to a reputable dermatologist for advice. He/she can tell you the course of action. If he says "anything is good for anything", do like a marathoner and run.

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