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So things are finally starting to look up with my acne. My face is far from perfect, but im not getting anymore breakouts and my red marks are fading and such. So now that i worry less about acne it seems like I'm starting to find new outlets of hating myself. The other day i noticed i think my nose is too small, my eyes are plain brown and boring, my hair looks rediculous... I even look at my body with disgust. Things about myself that i normally liked i hate. I don't like anything about me. I think acne has done alot more damage than just whats seen on the surface... I want to talk to a psychologist or someone about all these negative feelings but i feel like if i do they'll find out I'm on accutane and contribute everything just to the medication and take me off of it! But its the only thing thats really working for me... I dont wana tell my friends because they'll think I'm crazy... So i turned here...

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i vote doctor... just stress to them how much u've struggled w/ acne, what its done for you and maybe they'll keep you on it.

plus who are they to revoke anonther doctor's orders?

but just think back to why you used to love the other beautiful parts of you!! play up what you have, strut your stuff, your finally clear... live it!

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thanks for the comments guys, I really do think i should prolly see someone... Seein a psychologist is free the first 3 sessions and only 18 bucks per session after that at uni... REALLY cheap stuff... i might do it... Hopefully they wont suggest i go off tane! oh wellll... and as far as for changin my hair color, working out, and buying new clothes... i already do that stuff all the time lol... I think it just strengthens my obsession... I diet like crazy and do all this unnecesarry shit... my friend the other day told me I'm the most self concious person they know, and that i watch what i eat way too much and even if i do eat bad i constantly punish myself by working out for it... I didnt even realize at first... And i think things actually are getting worse, i should see someone but i keep getting this horrible fear that they'll take accutane away... but i can't help but feel that maybe it is making me more emotional with this whole thing

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okay, i just looked this up... yea... i need to see someone, this is me exactly... even the isolation part (i dont leave my dorm room unless its for class or to be with someone i know very well)

Symptoms of Body Dismorphic Disorder

Compulsive mirror checking, glancing in reflective doors, windows and other reflective surfaces.

Inability to look at ones own reflection.

Compulsive skin-touching, especially to measure or feel the perceived defect

Reassurance seeking from loved ones.

Social withdrawal and co-existent depression.

Obsessive viewing of favorite celebrities or models the person suffering from BDD may wish to resemble.

Excessive grooming behaviors: combing hair, plucking eyebrows, shaving, etc.

Obsession with plastic surgery or multiple plastic surgery with little satisfactory results for the patient.

In obscure cases patients have performed plastic surgery on selves, including liposuction and various implants with disastrous results.


Common locations of imagined defects







Facial structure

overall body build










People with BDD often have more than one area of concern

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