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Accutane Log by Miss Terri!

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Well, I've been on here for awhile and finally decided to make a log because people who can relate, are the best kind of reinforcement and from the looks of everything on here, there is a whole good bunch of it.

I just turned 21 :D on Sunday and started Accutane the monday before, but i'll back up a bit.

Of course, i've tried a good number of things like the rest of the fellow acne fighters,but nothing completely worked, from over the counter to the absurd proactive scheme to diet changes to more water consumption. I am however allergic to Differen Gel and experienced one of the worst skin breakouts/reactions in my life. :( My skin composition isnt like most, i have dry skin :doubt: , no cystic acne, but i have deep pap/pustule acne ( they cover both sides of my face and lower forehead) that tends to scar my face very easily. My mom told me even when i was a baby that my skin was sensitive to many things meaning I cant use the clear skin regimen since the large quantities of benzol peroxide.

My parents never had breakouts like i do, nothing at all! I have two sisters and neither of them have had acne like mine, my little sister who is 17 has had maybe 5? pimples her entire existence of life and my older sister just had very,very mild break outs - You know, the kind that are gone in about 3 days?

I feel as though i've gotten the bitter end of the genetics code in some form of generations.

BUT i pray things will be looking up for i have obtained the perscription of accutane! Thank goodness too since i'm still on my parents insurance for still being in college. Makes for wonderful copays.

The Perscription

40mg generic Accutane in morning and 40mg at night = 80mg per day

(I know high starting dose i called to check, i weight about 116lbs)

I dont know if it contributed to the higher dosage but i very,very rarely drink any alcoholic drink- i dont like beer, and one of my good friends is allergic to it, so we never accumulated to it much.

Week One

I always use moisturizer so i havent noticed much of a change yet totally but my nose is peeling on only one side and my lips are super chapped! My older sister knows i'm taking this and when she last saw me she said i looked like i just had collagen injections- ha mean, but funny-I feel when i wear chapstick only the top layers would be moisturized so now I like to put carmax on them, then take a washcloth with some water and dab them, and put this Aquafina New Lip Oil on them- it has almond oil, vitamin e and other stuff- it works well but it makes them super shiny.

I also noticed an odd tiny red bump rash on my hands and knees (?). It's going away though.

I have a few new friends, but i've been steaming my face for 2 weeks every night prior to starting, so i hope this is the mild initial breakout. Please?

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Hey girl, good luck on your accutane course :D I know how frustrating it can be when no one in the family has acne like you do, I have a twin sister who hardly breaks out, so I can totally relate to you with your sister :)

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