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Spots after shaving ANY SOLUTIONS?

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Hi there

was wondering if any1 had any solutions to preventing spots occuring after shaving. I seem to get tiny little whiteheads and red marks after i shave like the next day or so and was wondering how i could stop this as it is preventing me to fully ' clean shave' so to speak!!


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i get a shaving rash, so now i use an electric shaver witch leaves stubble " 4 that unshaven look" and its gone. wheneva i wet shave their is i lotion called dermol 500 which stops the rash and spots.

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yea thats what i m doing electric shave but i want to know what i can use for wet shaving to prevent and red marks spots??

where can i get that dermol 500 stuff from pls mourinho i m in UK as well although dont support CHELSEA lol

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If you're using an electric shaver and you're getting the spots try not shaving so close to your skin, the vibrations may be iritating your skin. you could also try wet shaving, just go and buy one of those Bic disposables and give it a shot. You may also be shaving the hair to short and possibly trapping some hair under your skin causing the late reaction you complain about. wet shaving isnt for everybody so dont rush out and buy a gillette mach 4 or whatever they're on now, try one of the cheap ones then if you like it buy yourself a nice piece of kit.

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yea i ve gt a beard and electric shaving is fine for me i was just wondering about what is good if i want to WET SHAVE to prevent spots occuring!!

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