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ARGH why i suck so hard :'(

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i feel so misserable now. I went to a church youth club, because there are so much people there of the same age, who i see each week in church, and i never got to know them better and i felt so bad about that. They are like one big happy family and i am not part of it.

So i went there in the hope of getting new friends/girlfriends. And everyone is friendly to me and they try to make me feel at home but i am just such a loser. I dont know anything to say to them, i am just staring out in front of me all the time, and when i talk to someone it are just like 2 lines 'yeah i am new here, i dont know much people yet' i feel SOOOOOOO bad i HATE this. Why am i completelly unable to make any new friends sad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gif

then after i leave there (closing time) i go to my friends from school, and i have a good time there...........I DONT GET IT

why i am so hmmmmm....afraid to talk to people who are nice to me and who i'd like to get to know better, and people i know for longer are the only ones who make me feel comfortable.

I just dont like to look to the future at the moment, dont think i can ever get friends with possible future collegues, get girlfriend etc etc....

why life is so hard sad.gifsad.gif

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Aw, leon, I know just how you feel... it can be really tough for anyone to make friends with new people. But I can tell from how you are on these boards that your real personality is very friendly and outgoing. You're NOT a loser at all, you know, you actually come off as very sweet and funny. So just try and relax, think of some things to make conversation about in advance if it'll help you relax, and then just get out there and give them all the benefit of your fabulous personality! biggrin.gif

Good luck sweetie! O:)

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just pick out one flaw from everyone

whether it is facial flaw personality flaw or wutever

then u'll realize no one is perfect

and we all fit right in

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli


Dude- I disagree...you're no loser.

I understand the deal with 'friendly people at church(especially)' though. I experience the same thing. You're just more comfortable with people that are just taking it easy and approach you in a more 'normal' way. Usually when people at church see you, they have their 'nice sunday faces' so unconsciously you're probably thinking "why you being friendly"? so your walls are up. I could be wrong though smile.gif

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Oh Leon, I agree with Vanessa...I think people are just being nice to you because YOU are nice. Although there may be a teensy bit of truth in what Obi says as well, about the Sunday face.

Still, if they are being nice, just go with it...all too often people are mean, so relax and enjoy the difference. Once they get to know you and you get to know them, it won't be so bad.

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Glad to hear that you met some nice people smile.gif

Just give it some time, I am sure that once you spend some more time with these people you'll start feeling more comfortable around them.

I used to be extremely insecure around new people for years for absolutely no reason. I am now 23 and have only recently realised that I had no reason to be insecure around other people. I used to think that everyone was so much better than me. We are all the same though, each with our own flaws and insecurities. I still feel insecure in a crowd, but it's getting better.

Good luck!! smile.gif

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