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My back / Acne (Pics)

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Ok so I have had acne since 14 now I am 22...Whats up with these patterns of acne? I never had anything on my back now Since the last 6 month my back has been attacked with cysts. I have a huge pit on the back of my neck and more down towards my lower spine. Its sucks so baddddd god when will it ever go awyayyy :doubt:



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I got small pimples on my back and arms too. Perhaps you should wash it after exercise when you are sweating. Ive noticed that clothes/sweating have caused the clogged pimples on my back.

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ever tried Head & Shoulders classic clean on your back? does wonders to many. it's the zinc pyrithione that does the job.

btw, that is a very huge back :redface: ... well good luck!

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i don't see any cysts just some dark marks.

get a soft back brush and use some sort of alpha hydroxy shit on it or some crap. if i were u i wouldn't worry tho....no one gonna notice ur back when ur packin those guns


I would look at his muscle shape instead of the dark marks.

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Guest Locked In Grace

It's the building mate. All that protein intake and associated shakes, screws with digestion, food assimilation and not to mention the hormonal fluctuations related to anaerobic workouts.

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