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undereye dark circles

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hello~ ive had undereye dark circles since grade 10.. (im now in uni) and so its somewhat genetic. they are more pronounced if i dont sleep well... but i ALWAYS have them. i always wear makeup to cover it up, but even still on some days ppl will say "u look tired".

any advice on how to get rid/make them lighter? i've been trying to sleep early and wake up early, and it helps some, but its hard to do having a typical student study life. ive tried cucumbers, green tea bags, almond oil, and neutrogene undereye cream, and nothing gave me any real success

thanks in advance!

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make up. i suppose a yellow tinted powder would do the job but dont over do it :) i have the same type of problem, but i kind of just try to ignore it and accept that its part of my face. just lighten them with either powder of a yellow concealor poweder. i dont recommend using any concealor cremes because they usually look funny after awhile.

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At the moment make-up is the only thing that can give you guaranteed results. I too suffer from serious undereye circles but I don't wear concealer, because I'm afraid it'll look unnatural and people will get too used to seeing me without dark circles that, they'll get freaked out when they see my panda eyes in all their glory XD

But circles are really difficult to get rid of and the only thing I can recommend you to do is put on concealer if it bothers you, and to adopt a healthier lifestyle, so that your healthy skin and natural blush will detract people's attention away from your circles and they'll stop telling you how tired you look. Sometimes its just about how you look overall rather than one flaw :)

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ahaaa~ so makeup is the only answer huh. =P ah thanks guys anyways. i'll continue to wear makeup for like... forever. but one time i was at home and an employee from my parent's work came over and she's like (seeing me with no makeup) what happened to ur eyes??? they look so swollen (or something like that).... im like.... :doubt: yeahh... my eyes are always like this. im just "tired"

i never wear my contacts anymore... glasses make me look less tired. (contacts dry out my eyes anyways and i hate em anyways)

dark circles arent much of a concern for me, like acne is though =P just the combination of the two sucks!

thanks anyways!

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More antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B, lots of fresh fruit, maybe cucumber juice applied the dark circles?? (I think it has mild bleaching properties) I found this:

Apply cucumber juice to your dark circles. Make sure the juice is fresh. You will need to cut a couple of fine slices, and squeeze them to get the juice. Don't remove the skin. Wash off after around ten minutes. You can even leave it on overnight if you will not be applying any other undereye cream.

Heaps of water, umm ice cubes, less caffeine, less salt..

Those are just some ideas. Hope it helped! :)

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