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green cream, topicals, BP... or something else?

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Similar to 100 other threads I'm sure.... but I want to prepare just like I did for accutane for when I'm done!

My doctor won't know anything about what to take after accutane, she'll probably tell me just to treat it like I have clear skin now and forever and I know this will not be the case. I'd prefer to try and not do a second round of tane unless I have to.

Do I go on a CSR and use a 2.5% BP..... or use a 5-10% BP and only spot treat?

Do I go on a topical? If so, which one? I have one from before I went on accutane, it's the one that comes in the bingo dabber.... lol

(this is preferred since I can get it covered by insurance)

I've heard good things about green cream, emu oil, jobba oil, etc..... but which one? or all of them?

I feel like I have too many options, but if I pick the wrong one my skin could go back to the way it was... which would SUCK.

Also.....what on earth do I do with 6 bars of dove sensitive skin soap that I won't use? I like my smelly soap and can't wait to use it again! ;)

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I'm a big beleiver in the topical retinoid as maintenance. My derm is not. Hence, i use Green Cream and i've been very happy with it. For more details follow the link in my sig to my log, the first post from today explains it all.

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For green cream, can you only order it online? I've tried two skin care stores and both had no idea what I was talking about....

Is green cream sold in stores?

Or maybe I can't get it in Canada? If that's the case, when I'm in the states next time I'll pick it up!

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