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How to NOT sleep on one side of ur face & Workout trouble

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I always get zits on the same places, never on my forehead, never on my nose, but ALWAYS and really ALWAYS on the sides of my face. And about 9 out of the 10 times it's on the right side, and that is also the side i sleep on mostly. So i have to come up with something to make sure that when i sleep i sleep face upwards looking at my ceiling. But how....

Second problem is that since i am working out at a gym, i seem to get more zits, it's not even close to a big problem (it's only 4 / 5 zits) but it's still 5 to much. So does working out accommodate getting zits?

(Ps sorry if my english looks like shit here and there, i am from holland, yes the country where you can use weed legaly) ;)

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hm.. Well I'm not sure about preventing yourself from sleeping on your side although it may to help to change you pillow cases every few days which may prevent some of the breakout problems.

When going to the gym, it may help to bring the cleanser that you usally use with you, and wash the oil or other stuff off your face which may prevent the breakout problems as well.

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never put your face on the pillow. always face the ceiling so no dirt or any kind of it touches your face.

i dont think working out makes you break out. ive been working out for the longest and im actually clearing up pretty good. I dont drink protein shakes, gatorade, or any such thing like that. i just drink water. Oh yea always dry your sweat after u work out. Make sure the towl is clean.

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I sleep on my back every night. For some reason I can't sleep on my side no matter how hard I try.

I don't think working out will increase your acne. I'm not sure if working out will have an effect on your hormones which could effect your acne. But I wouldn't quit working out over acne.

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I bought my self a C-shaped pillow, you know, the kind you travel with so your neck doesn't collapse on you, anyway, my cheeks have been a lot better since I sleep on that and if you do turn in the night, your face goes right through the hole-part where you're suppose to put your neck!

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