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Ahhh I’m so pissed off right now. It's going to sound like nothing but just when i feel like I’m getting on top of things money wise we get another gas bill. Last bill me and my 2 housemates had a few issues, one is moving out and claimed that she wasn't paying the full amount because she's only here for a few nights a week even though for the 2 months we were billed for I was at my parents house for 6 weeks because i'd broken my foot and my other housemate was at her mum's for a few weeks as well. For this 2 months it was pretty much the hosemate who refused to pay here by herself and she'd go to work or home for the weekend and leave the heater on. Anyways in the end we told her to pay $30 of it even though her share was way more then that. We just figured it was better to get some money out of her then having to foot the whole bill ourselves. She agreed and we left it at that. Anyways today when i got home from uni i saw we had another gas bill, I opened it to find a much cheaper bill plus the $30 we assumed she'd paid. It's pissed me right off!! she's a shit housemate and i can't wait till we find someone else cause i want her gone. She's stolen clothes from me, kitchen utensils, she drank my bottle of vodka and the few nights she is home i have to put up with her and her 40 year old boyfriend. Both me and my other housemate have tried to talk to her when she is home, we've tried ringing her and messaging her but she refuses to give us the money. What in the hell am i meant to do?? I can't afford to keep covering her part of the bills and i shouldn't have to.

Ahh it feels so much better to get that out. Stupid housemate.

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Pack her bags and change the locks.

Trust me i would have done that a long time ago if i could afford to cover her share of the rent. We've looked for another housemate using posters, adds in the newspaper and websites but it's the wrong time of year.

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