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BREWER'S YEAST (Updated 1/28/2007)

What is Brewer's Yeast?

Brewer's yeast is derived from the unicellular fungus Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Brewer's yeast is an inactive yeast, meaning the yeasts have been killed and have no leavening power. It is the yeast grown on foods such as sugar beets, or the yeast that remains after beer making. It is used as a nutrient supplement to increase the intake of amino acids, minerals, B vitamins, and other chemicals beneficial to skin repair. Brewer's yeast comes powdered (the most potent form), in flakes (best for health shakes), and in tablets.

How Can Brewer's Yeast Be Good For Acne And Overall Health?

1. Skin Respiratory Factor

SRF as it's called is a substance known for it's ability to trigger and accelerate wound healing. It is found in many hemorrhoidal creams, cosmetics, and wound healing products. The chemical identity of SRF is unknown. SRF found in products is originally isolated from yeast.

2. Beta Glucans

Beta glucan is a scientifically proven biological defense modifier (BDM) that nutritionally potentiates and modulates the immune response. Beta glucans are fiber type complex sugar molecules (polysaccharides). They are used as an immunostimulant. Glucans stimulate your white blood cells called Macrophages into action, thereby inducing a cascade of positive immune responses. There have been hundreds of experimental studies done on Beta Glucans since the 1960's. Reserch indicates that when taken orally Beta Glucans speed healing of damaged tissue. In order to better understand the process through which Beta Glucans brings about a healing response via pathogen removal it is necessary to read more about Macrophage. Macrophage wiki located here.......... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macrophage

3. RNA - Ribonucleic Acid

RNA has been shown to have immunodulatory Activity.

Definition of Immunomodulatory:

Capable of modifying or regulating one or more immune functions.

Although this is mentioned in much research I have come across regarding Brewer's Yeast, I have yet to come to a more complete understanding of how injesting RNA of this inactive yeast is beneficial to health or skin. I am including it because from it's prevalence in research indicates it's importance, thus should be noted. If someone wants to elaborate on this please IM me and I will edit this post accordingly.

4. Myo-Inositol

This is the nutritionally active form of Inositol, it is vital to many biological processes in the body. Of all the biological processes Inositol is involved in, the most notable to this article are

- Nerve Guidance

- Gene Expression

- Seratonin Activity Modulation

- Cell Membrance Potential

- Breakdown Of Fats and Cholesterol Lowering

5. Para-Amino Benzoic Acid

PABA stimulates intestinal bacteria, which aids in production of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). PABA is a coenzyme and is involved in the production of blood cells, metabolism of protein, and is important for healthy skin, hair pigmentation, and intestinal health.

NOTE: There is A LOT of information on PABA on the internet, mostly good, but some bad. Generally speaking PABA is widely studied and used in products. It is sometimes referred to as vitamin Bx but differs in how it behaves from other B vitamins. If someone wants to write a paragraph detailing the specifics of PABA IM me and I will include it.

6. Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

Brewer's Yeast is considered a good source of this vitamin that many of you have come to know and love. Pantothenic Acid is needed to form Coenzyme A, which is critical in the metabolisation of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. The most noted effect as reported on Acne.org of this vitamin is reduced oil (sebum) production on the body including face, trunk, and especially the back. This effect is almost always reported after a person has taken extremely large doses (more than 4 grams) daily for 1 month or more.

7. Zinc

Brewer's Yeast is considered a good source of Zinc (form?). The benefits of Zinc on skin are widely known and many studies have been conducted proving the link between increased levels of Zinc and improved skin conditions, namely acne vulgaris.

8. Choline

Choline is a nutrient, essential for cardiovascular and brain function, and for cellular membrane composition and repair.

Choline assists in controlling your weight as well as cholesterol levels, keeping cell membranes healthy and in preventing gallstones. It is also most useful in the maintenance of the nervous system, assisting memory and learning, and may help to fight infections, including hepatitis and AIDS. Choline is critical for normal membrane structure and function.

Choline is the major precursor of betaine, and it is used by the kidneys to maintain water balance and by the liver as a source of methyl-groups for methionine formation. It is also used to produce the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

9. Folic Acid

Folic acid is a water soluble B vitamin.

Folic acid works along with vitamin B-12 and vitamin C to help the body digest and utilize proteins and to synthesize new proteins when they are needed. It is necessary for the production of red blood cells and for the synthesis of DNA (which controls heredity and is used to guide the cell in its daily activities).

Folic acid also helps with tissue growth and cell function. In addition, it helps to increase appetite when needed and stimulates the formation of digestive acids.

10. Copper

Copper is an essential trace mineral present in all body tissues. Copper, along with iron, helps in the formation of red blood cells. It also helps in keeping the blood vessels, nerves, immune system, and bones healthy.

Copper is a component of prolyl and lysyl hydoxylases, enzymes involved in collagen synthesis. Because of this, connective tissue-rich tissues such as capillaries, scar tissue, and bone matrix are most sensitive to copper status.

The following is a list of other vitamins and minerals Brewer's Yeast contains in significant amounts but vary from Brand to Brand.

FIBER (15%-25%)


16 out of 20 Amino Acids (Brewer's Yeast is 50%-55% protein by weight)





General information

Thousands of people have reported success in using Brewer's Yeast to treat all forms of acne, especially cystic acne. Poeple who are allergic to yeast or have an extreme sensitivity should should consult a doctor before taking. It is very common to have an IB (initial breakout) in the first two weeks.

This yeast has been used for decades to treat almost every known ailment. It is very affordable and can be taken with or without food. I have found the powder to be a more potent form. I buy the powder form from Lewis Lab's. It's is a higher quality because it is grown on sugar beets, also lending to a good taste rather than bitter like the kind grown on beer.

Although this is yeast it's important to know that it will not promote candida or other yeast infections because the cells have been heated until dead, thus unless you have an allergy it will not cause you harm.


note: the brand this article represents most is Lewis Labs Brewer's Yeast

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this is funny...no response from anyone so i will be the first

My grandma came from Lebanon to visit us the last few weeks. We were at the dinner table and my mom whispered me "ask grandma...maybe she knows some ancient secret that helps acne." And well i did ask her and she said "yeast...one spoonful everyday...and i was gonna tell you this without you even asking because i noticed your face." She said i will break out a little but thats because its working from the inside out.

I've been doing it for 2 weeks and im loving the results. I had the initial breakout around my lips and chin but its healing FAST. She also said be careful what kind of soaps you use and dont play and touch on your face.

I'll keep you guys updated.

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UPDATE: Im loving this. So far only one new pimple...and its a small red one. Before using the yeast, i would usually get the big fat ones that make it look like someone punched me in the face. And that would be at least 5 pimples a week. Now its been 3 weeks and and after the initial breakout only one small new one has formed and everything else (initial breakout and previous ones) are healing very nicely. My face is less red and my forehead is way less oily.

This is what i do in the morning before school:

-Shower and use Dove beauty bar soap on my whole face and body.

-Eat a bowl of cereal with 1 tablespoon of Brewers Yeast.


Go to the library bathroom and wash my face with water only. I go to the downstairs one so nobody will walk in and see me bent over in front of the sink. lol

Before bed:

Fill up a glass of water, and dissolve 1 tablespoon of Brewers Yeast into water and chug it down.

The stuff tastes like shit so i sugar up my cereal and the water. The water ends up tasting like a starbucks frappachino gone wrong after the sugar is added.

I've tried the DKR, i've tried the dip, and a bunch of other stuff. And i've never had results like this.

Im tempted to put some topicals on my face to fight it faster from the inside and outside, but i dont want to reverse my advancement. I like it slow and romantic anyways lol.

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Wow. I thought of trying this on acne but forgot. I should really try it. I have a bottle here at home so it wouldn't hurt.

Trying it on acne as in applying on the face?? or taking it orally?

im taking mine orally

I've noticed my shits come out easier too, less straining, so it must be doing something right inside.

Just make sure it is brewers yeast, not the bakers yeast that is used for bread. Bakers yeast can grow in your body and rob you of vitamins and stuff. Brewers yeast actually gives you vitamins.

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Ok...A couple of things.

1.) While I admire your willingness to bring new ideas here, I have to say something about the claims you make here. First, the use of RNA as an immunomodulator is only applicable when microinjected into specific immune cells (B/T lymphocytes). There are lots of pseudo-scam infomercial drugs out there making the RNA claim, and it's just false. Second, any benefit from SRF is only from the nutritional value derived from your digesting the protein...there is no way the stuff is making its way past your stomach intact.

2.) While I agree that yeast extract is certainly a complex mixture of nutrients, that's all it is.


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