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Just two weeks ago I was using Differin at night mixed with a klaron cream in the morning and using clearasil sensitive skin face wash 2 times a day sometimes 3 times and my face looked pretty good after about 4 or 5 weeks, then for about 3 or 4 it just maintained its ground so I still had a few spots.

I went home for a few days and visited my dermatologist starting Tuesday night (6 nights ago) she put me on retin a micro .1 (the yellow gel kind) every other night and then kept me using differin every other night. She also put me on a nivea face wash to be used in the morning and at night and a nivea extra soothing cleanser to use when needed.

So far all that I have noticed is that the spots I had have begun to flare up, and that even new red marks are starting to come in. I would just like a few people to leave me some insurance that this product really does work, and when do the beneficial effects start taking place?

Can u use makeup with this product? If so what do you recommend for a guy? And can I take it off with just a face wash at night?


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your over irritating your skin. retin-a micro .1% is strong, i suggest not to use other medications while on retin-a. UNLESS YOU NEED IT TO SPOT TREAT!

so summary:

1) retin-a micro every night (you might want to reduce your retin-a micro to .04%, thats what i use and i swear by it, i mean i been on higher strength retin-a and tazorac each over iritated my skin)

2) only use other differin or whatever other midications to spot treat, using it in conjunction with retin-a can over irritate and cause breakouts or worsen your existing acne.

hope this helps

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