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need a good inexpensive eye moisturizer

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I like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream. But most eye creams worth buying (meaning they actually reduce puffiness, dark circles and/or fine lines) are not going to cost less that $80. I'm settling for the Neutrogena cream because I've been making it a point to drink more water and get more sleep so my circles aren't as noticible and the cream improves it just enough so I don't have to spend 3 hours in front of a lighted magnifying mirror trying to hide them.

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for the past couple months i've been using Dove energy glow brightning eye cream. and I LOVE IT! its got light reflectors to help with dark circles, super moisturizing, reduces fine lines (im still young, so with this, ALL my fine lines are gone.)oooh and its got the always beneficial spf of 8, so it dosnt sting.

when i did my first bridal modeling show, at 18, i remember the bitch ass MAC wannabe lady doing my make up, saying somthing like, "sweety, maybe you should start using night cream for ur undereye area..." omgod that offended the hell outta me, cuz first of all my acne was BAD like cystic severe when this was happening, and i was just thinking, look at my skin bitch, you wanna point out more issues with my face? what the hell? soo yeah. thats how i got hooked on this dove energy glow.

but in the end, i've cleared up active acne, just red marks and some scaring... :) good luck!

also it depends on what your eye issue is.. fine lines, puffyness or darkcircles.... then you want to get a product specificaly for that... IMO i wanna try out hylexen..sorry i'll stop blabberin on now :P

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