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Girl needs help x.x

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Im 19 years old and i have back acne since i was 12 but recently i been getting mild acne on my chest,so i can't wear any tank tops at all!I've been to the dermatologist and she prescribe me Differin Gel and Brevoxyln-8 Gel.I've been using Differin for 3 weeks and i've seen my back acne getting worse and my chest getting a bit better but i still get acne there.I don't know what else to try i mean i've tried all the prescriptions my Dermatologist has given me and nothing has worked.And on top of that i'm getting married in march and i don't want to wear a wedding dress because everyone would see my acne from my chest and back.Also when my acne is gone it leaves pink marks and i have no idea what to do about the marks..they are very noticable..i love my fiance a lot we been together for 5 years,but i don't want to tell him i have back acne or chest acne..because i think he will say is gross or something..sigh*i don't know what to do..help?

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That sucks I have the same thing, its very embrassing, accutone or accutane dont know the correct spelling but simliar to what im saying is pretty effective but they also have some servere side effects, im using 2% salicylic oxy pads and 2% salicylic acid netourgena clear skin, i do this twice a day, its seem to do a bit of an effect, it cleans it a bit but you say those annoying red spots, this is my opinion i dont know if its different for female skin not sure im not a demantalogist or whatever, but i wish the best of your luck with your problem, and i hope it clears up so you can do the fun stuff with your finace...wink wink

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Well, 3 weeks is not long enough for the topicals to have worked. You need to give it some more time, and it's not uncommon for it to get worse before it gets better. Stick with it.

If they fail (after 3-6 months) then you may be considered an Accutane candidate, but you really shouldn't take Accutane before determining that nothing else works. You don't really have enough time to complete an Accutane course before your wedding even if your doctor started the process today - and trust me, you don't want Accutane lips in your wedding photos.

Regarding the wedding dress - get a good seamstress for alterations. You can have sheer material added to disguise the acne. You also might want to consider a style that looks good with a wrap, then you could completely cover it. It may be cost-effective to have a seamstress design a dress just for you - she can make you look fabulous while covering areas you don't want exposed, so you can be completely at ease on your big day. Makeup can also work really well but you have to be careful not to get it on the dress. This can be done yourself but a professional makeup artist may be worth the expense. If you stick with the topicals until March you will likely have much less acne to deal with.

And incidentally - don't hide it from your fiance. This is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with? He should be able to see past it and love you anyway. If he doesn't - better to find that out now. I suspect he really won't care. But you shouldn't deceive the man who will soon be your husband, especially over something so minor in the grand scheme of things.

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i'm using table salt right now, mixed with water (thanks answerme!) and it seems to be helping. however, im going to a derm next week to see if there is anything else i can do.

hope you find something that helps!

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