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Hello everyone..After using Benzamycin gel on the affected areas. Then once I felt dryness, slight irritation I slathered on "Derma E Tea Tree and Vitamin E cream" to my face. And the irrtation got WORSE. It started to BURN..I couldn't sleep..untill the wee hours of the morning..I woke up and the areas where I applided the cream is BEET RED AND RAW looking. And it hurts, its very very...painfull...So very un-comfortable...and in pain! So much pain, discomfort....

I have aloe vera on my face now..and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Besides making it feel really sticky. Weird though, it works for sun-burn like a charm.

Someone..please..please help me! :|

Is there any soothing, healing cream, or gel, or some sorta product i can buy that'll take this all away for me! Ice??...I dunno what to do now..fricks sake.

Is it possible thats its a reaction to the Benzamycin gel?, or the combination of them together?(meaning TTO)

Advice, help is really really apperciated.

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ok this has happened to me once. i used neosporin (actually i used a generic form), dabbed it on, and the majority of the redness cleared within the evening. i did this at night for a few nights and it helped a lot in the healing process.

no ice on a burn!

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Can this neosporin cream be found here in Canada?

Right now at the moment all I am doing is putting cool compresses over it..I don't want to miss with products on my face for it and make it worse, or break me out in acne..

But I'll go look for that neosporin cream!, hopefully we have it here where I live..

Thanks :)

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i honestly have the most sensitive skin in the world, and when i have some random rash, shaving irritation, eczema, overdry skin, or anything raw, irritated and painful, to where NOTHING works (not even Cetaphil cream, which works wonders on my hands when they're so dry they're bleeding), THIS works: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...Y-PLST-0-SEARCH

i don't know if they sell Aquaphor ointment in canada, because i went to the main canadian website of eucerin, and i didn't see it... but maybe you can order it online, from that drugstore.com link?

i'm so sorry you burned your skin! been there, done that, so i feel your pain (literally, lol). aquaphor is a phenomenal product (i've also seen rave reviews for it anywhere i've ever seen it online). i hope you can find some, and also that your skin heals quickly. :D:pray:

EDIT: i was just looking at some of the customer reviews on the link i posted, and i thought you might want to read this one:

I was skeptical when my dermatologist suggested I use this instead of Neosporin to help my skin heal. He said it was gentler and would work. I must admit he was right, and my scars are healing beautifully from using it. It is a bit greasy and will leave a wet mark on your t-shirt if you don't let it dry, but it is an excellent product.

-- Anonymous on August 3, 2005

hope that helped. :)

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Yeah I could never find that neosporin cream I was told to get..I couldn't find this either in my grocerry store. But I really want to get it! As I can't use "hydro-cortisone cream" always. Fucidin cream seems to be working good though..

Thanks :)

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that hapenned to me last year (a chemical burn from acne products ) i just put alovera gel on it, it should go away in a few days to a week, and scince that doesnt seem to help in your case try some vinegar, it will sting a bit,but it will take some of the immflamation and pain away

~hope this helps~ :angel:

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