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Acne and Bacne, Gone!

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Since Grade 10 I have had severe Ance and Bacne. I've always wondered why I got it and my younger brother had NONE! Then 2 months ago it clicked. He never drank milk! Always orange juice. So I stopped drinking milk. It started clearing up, No new acne started forming anywhere :D

Then I had pizza a week later, next thing I know I'm feeling so itchy! I knew they were coming. Next thing I do is STOP having any DAIRY! Any food with dairy in it! Now 2 months later. I'm all clear except the light brown spots. With time they will go away. You can use any soap you like, doesnt make a difference. I recommend using liquid soap with vitamen E & Aloe Vera. Place the soap on a cloth and rub the cloth together until you get the foam then apply; leave it on for a atleast 2-3 minutes then rinse. Use warm or cool water; NOT hot, you dont want to irratate the skin.

Here is a dairy list:




Mushed Potatos


French toast





I'm sure you get the idea by now.

A few things that cause facial acne are jams that are Iodinized. Blueberrys are known to Cause acne beside the face. Dairy causes acne around the nose. This is from my experience.

Why Dairy causes acne?

Iodine in milk(Iodinized Milk) causes acne:


I'm not telling you to decrease your intake, I tried decreasing it. Did nothing! So I stop having any at all! Its hard at first, I have had dreams about drinking milk :lol:

Stop wasting your money on treatments that wont do anything!

Enjoy! :dance:

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Many people have dairy allergies. It makes sense. To tell you the truth, red meat/dairy/excesses of wheat and grains are not good for you in the first place, not to mention the large number of people who are allergic to them unknowingly.

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I'm seriously considering cutting out all dairy products, it will be unbelieveble difficult because I am massively reliant on dairy products in my diet, probably too much and maybe thats why I have acne and NOBODY else in my family does. I will research this myself but if anyone can provide some links for food products that contain dairy products I would be grateful, I know I should be able to work this out for myself but it often throws up food you never ever consider dairy to be in. Thunder please let me know how its going and have you tried using Soya Milk?

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One thing I meant to ask.

Does anyone know of a regiment to get rid of the light brown spots?

Sure.....it's called TIME

One thing I meant to ask.

Does anyone know of a regiment to get rid of the light brown spots?

Sure.....it's called TIME

P.s. About the milk....yes I have cut out dairy for over a month.... the results speak for themselves.

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My apologies for the late reply.

Any milk that comes from the cow is cosidered 'Dairy'. Soya milk(Soy milk) is fine because its made from beans.

Soy Milk > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soy_milk

Today I had a glass of milk. Weird thing about it; I had the gag effect, then threw up the milk. Now my body doesnt even want it period.

I would recommend eating fish so you dont have a thyroid problem(deficiency in iodine).

Were not allergic to iodine by itself; just when its mixed with milk.

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I'd be fine cutting out dairy (and I agree it could have an effect, as dairy is linked with insulin resistance, something that is proven to worsen acne) but i supplement with whey protein for building muscle - would this fall under "dairy"?

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