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High iodine foods and acne

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I'm going to take this into consideration.

I started getting really bad acne 7 years ago when I started eating at mcdonalds and eating their iodized salt and now I eat a lot of kelp.

I'll watch my iodide levels and report back if I see a link.

Thank you very much for the article :)

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YES i definately think there is a link. here's my story:

have had mild acne on forehead and occasional one on cheek for about 3 years. last year i spent my first year in university living on res.. and i stopped breaking out regularly. i used clindoxyl gel semi-daily, but i was pretty much clear the whole school year. i thought that "wow im finally growing out of acne".. and this is while eating RES FOOD... so i had my share of potatoes, bread, and chocolate milk.

i noticed that when i moved back home, i started breaking out again. this could be due to several reasons, but i definately had a change in diet. in an effort to go holistic, i started eating a lot more of what i considered "healthy" (for the average person anyways)... seaweed, asparagus, broccoli, seafood... yes, all of which have high amounts of iodine... (esp. seaweed and i ate that stuff like 5 times a week... since im asian)

and what was the result? breakouts in places where ive never broken out... like cheeks and around the mouth/chin area.

so yeah.. after a little research i finally found the iodine-acne connection. ive cut out those foods for about a week now and my face seems to be calming down.

i don't think my acne is connected with bread/gluten, or dairy so much, since i lived on that stuff while on rez and was fine... but everyone is different. so if you eat a lot of seaweed or other high iodine foods, be aware that you might be hypersensitive to iodine!!! just test it out and see

**note: i also started taking other supplements, like vitamin b-50, fish oil, milk thistle etc... and it may have also triggered breakouts too. BUT my breakouts started happening BEFORE i started taking all those supplements too.... (which i am taking seldomly now)

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Yeah, I think I had the same problems when I started eating a lot of sushi and also salty snacks. After I moved out to the San francisco bay area, I started eating sushi a couple of times a week (something I never used to eat) and eating salty snacks on a daily basis. I think that this may have at least partially caused the acne flares I started to get a few months later (never had a big problem before). Even people who aren't particularly prone to getting acne can get it from medications and vitamins that are high in iodine.

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