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Newcastlegirl Update - 1 year later - acne free!

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=D> Hi everyone. It has been a while since I posted my skin update. Those of you who have been on this site for a while (a year or more for me) know how hard it was for me to get my acne cleared up - I tried everything short of birth control pills and Accutane (so glad I did not try either one, although two different doctors recommended them).

This is one year later since I went to Bastyr Naturopathic Clinic in Seattle, where so many naturopaths go to get trained. It is much cheaper than going to a regular naturopath. I was desparate a year ago. I am 24 now, very fair, with oily yet sensitive skin, and I was getting cystic acne mixed with the regular. The b.p. I tried according to Dan, and even that light strength was too harsh for my skin. But this site connected me with ideas to try and I am eternally grateful. You also, at Bastyr or any other naturopathic place, have to have a good doctor and I really was fortunate with Dr. Romero. I have to admit I did the homeopathic method she prescribed according to my "character type" that she found out after an hour interview. I took this tiny pills one time and had a massive aggravation or breakout. It was awful. I was discouraged. Then one side of my face cleared up slowly and then the other half. I could see my skin was SLOWLY healing. So this is my conclusion about acne, see if you agree:

1. It is the inside out that is the most important, not vice versa. What you take into your body makes your skin the way it is. So I avoid things that aggravate my skin - in my case, soy, dairy (I am allergic to dairy, have not had it for 4 years due to stomach aches if I do, big time), coffee, etc. I take 25,000 units of Vitamin A through mostly beta carotene form and 1 Cod Liver Oil pill. Take zinc with copper, a liver helping pill (Trader Joe's makes it, herbs only), good multi-vite.

2. I wash my face ever so gently, no washrag, with a mild herbal wash bought at Trader Joe's also called Alba Botanical. I do not pick zits anymore or do much of anything to aggravate it, I did enough of that over the years. I keep my long hair, which is oily, back from my face at night and change my pillowcase every few days. All have helped. I do not use scented dryer sheets or even fabric softener in laundry, this can aggravate it, or even any unscented. I keep my hands away from my face as well as phone. Now they are all habits.

3. All I can say is this - acne is the pits, so demoralizing, but please try the above, you can modify it, but keep it simple and consider working from the inside out first. By the way, I did try the B5 and it did not work for me long-term as well as the A and other vites have, but if it works for you long-term, well, that is great!

Lots of love and God bless you all.


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#-o I should have said this - I have been acne-free for several months. I get an occasional pimple and I immediately put the Niacinimide Cream (a B-vitamin compound I obtained at Key Pharmacy in Kent, Wa., through Dr. Romero's prescription) which either makes it disappear in a night or it goes away in a few days). I keep it on hand just for those pimples, although it is primarily good for cystic acne! I believe you can obtain it minus prescription through acnemiracle in the gel form if you are interested. It really works, just on those individual pimples that are cystic or are forming, not to be put all over your face normally as a preventative for all pimples.

I have to give the credit to this Site (thanks Dan!), site connections to other acne sites, Dr. Romero, my mom who perservered, and to the Lord! I wish you all the best and keep the faith to know you will get rid of that scourge Acne!


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Guest Crooked I

Im pleased to hear you're doing ok now. But aren't you going to stick around to advise others? Your experience would be extremely valuable.

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