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Driest face of my life! Help!

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I had been using the regimen consistantly for about three or four days. I experienced the burning and drying that most people reported, but it wasn't too bad.

I stopped the regimen completely for one day, and halfway thru the following day, noticed that my skin was suddenly so dry it would fall off in flakes.

I added moisturizer, but it only made it hurt more. I took a shower, and there was relief, albeit temporary.

I'm wary to put anything else on my face, but it's very painful and I'm quite embarassed.

I'm led to believe that it was nothing to do with the regimen at all, and instead an illergic reaction to either Cetaphil cleanser or Cetaphil moisturizer (which, for some reason, is SPF 15)

At any rate, I'm embarassed, because my skin has never been close to this dry. If anybody has some suggestions, I'd be much obliged.

Talk about insult to injury.

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Try and use the cetaphil (without spf 15) the 1 for dry skin and see what happens as I use that 1 and its brillaint.My old moisturiser was flaky but its only the bp coming through. Its not your skin thatgs flaky although it must be tight and dry!

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Do try Jojoba Oil, there are numerous threads about it and Dan just recently officialy incorporated it into the regimen. Give your skin a break now, then when you start again, try to use Jojoba Oil.


http://www.acne.org/regimen-supplies.html - look under moisturise



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i've been doing the regimen for 9 months now and my face is still constantly flakey- just don't worry about it.

what i do is whenever i do the regimen, i just peel the flakes off (especially in the morning) and just make sure that i get them all off so when i go out in public, there aren't any dumb flakes that are visible, and it's all fine throughout the day.

if you can find a moisturizer that helps with the dryness, great, hopefully you will

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