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does anyone here feel that their whole future is determined by the state of their acne and scarring? sad.gif

i get occasional breakouts on my face and the scarring is fading with time but i have really horrible bad scarring all over my back and chest and upper arms and feel as though i'm going to be alone for the rest of my life as no one will ever want to be near me because they will be disgusted by my scars!

i'v had relationships before but i always feel that i'm hiding this from them! :-#

i'm afraid if i tell them about my scarring they will end the relationship! so i usually end it before they have the chance and things get too serious! ](*,)

i cant go swimming, i cant go to the beech, i cant wear off the shoulder tops (which i soo love) all because of these annoying scars!

they make me really badly self-concious and make me hate myself!

it affect the way you behave when you talk to others!

its sooo depressing sometimes because you feel that you will be alone for the rest of your life and you dont want to give anything a go because it'll all turn bad once your acne scars are revealed!

ok, i'v gone on abit there but i just hate teh scarring all over my body!

take care guyz, xxx

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I think that, generally, people place FAR too much value on their acne. I've had it too, so I know how devistating it can be. I know what it's like to feel like a monster. but after years of thinking about it and experiencing it I can safely say: Please don't let your acne determine who YOU are as a person or how you live your life. No one else thinks about your acne nearly as much as you do, I guarantee it. Your feelings of inadequacy are in YOUR head. If you believe you are not worthy of enjoying life and the companionship of others, then you won't be. I know, It's SO easy to say and so hard to do... but I'm sure you are a fantastic person and others would be priveliged (sp?) to have you as a part of their lives - acne or not. And if there are some people who can't see that, then they aren't worth it anyway. I hope everything turns out the best it possibly can! biggrin.gif

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