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I am reposting this, although please give credit to TJ for finding this inspiring article!

-the truth about accutane

The biggest misconception about beauty is that it's the same as perfection. I think it has more to do with being comfortable in your own skin. To be flawed but to have the confidence to be honest about it is what true beauty is really about. I personally believe that it's what's inside that counts. However, it would be naive to ignore the fact that we rely heavily on our personal appearance to go about our daily lives. I'm posting this so that everyone can get the facts, since there is so much anecdotal information about Accutane out there. I wanted to share my own experiences with this drug to help potential users assess the benefits and risks. Not to mention, I'm sick of people messaging me saying "you have no idea what it's like to be unattractive, you were born perfect" and "you're probably as shallow as the next hot girl"...the list goes on. But in reality, the ugly duckling syndrome actually applys to me.

I had severe acne all throughout middle and high school. These years are hard enough on the self esteem without having to deal with terrible acne on top of everything else, not to mention I had braces to go with it! Kids can be so cruel, and I still remember all the nicknames like "pizza face" and "brace face" and how badly I was made fun of when I was younger. Fortunately, I feel that every thing I've been through has made me that much stronger and more confident today.

After trying all other available prescriptions unsuccessfully (including ProActiv), my doctor finally put me on Accutane. After about two months, my breakouts stopped dead in their tracks. People would come up to me and say, "I wish I had your skin." No one had ever said that to me in my entire life. The results were incredible, and my face is completely clear of any blemishes today.

However, the drug is very powerful. Accutane's side effects are numerous and can be severe. But thousands of people, including myself, have successfully taken this prescription drug while only suffering a few minor side effects such as dry/chapped lips, drying out of the eyes, sun sensitivity, and nose bleeds. However, these side effects subsided after I stopped taking Accutane. I actually had to go on two cycles because my acne was so severe. I was on a cycle a few years ago, and another just this past year because my acne had returned...not nearly as bad, but still unmanageable.

Accutane is isotretinoin, a vitamin A derivative administered in pill form. It's a hard-core medication which basically dries you up from the inside out by shrinking oil glands, and is generally taken for five months. Accutane is "an oral drug specifically designed to combat severe nodular acne. It is considered a breakthrough because it can permanently clear severe acne that is unresponsive to antibiotics or traditional acne medication. However, since its approval, Accutane's growing list of side effects has come under close scrutiny by the FDA. While Accutane is extremely effective at treating acne, it has been linked to multiple dangerous side effects, such as depression and suicide."

There are many restrictions currently in place regarding Accutane, and with understandable cause. Physical side effects include possible diseases of the skin, liver, kidneys, and immune system. Every month, I had to have a pregnancy test and blood work done to make sure I was healthy enough to continue with the medication. These tests checked my liver, kidneys, blood count, triglycerides. There can also be psychological problems while on Accutane, including depression and suicide. But just like when taking all other drugs, there can be both major and minor side effects.

Severe birth defects are the most serious consequence of taking Accutane, but it will ONLY affect a DEVELOPING FETUS. It has no affect on the ovaries, sperm, or reproductive organs. No woman should get pregnant while on Accutane or for 30 days after discontinuing its use. For this reason, both the manufacturer and the FDA insist that females be on 2 methods of contraception during their course of Accutane. The manufacturer of the drug makes it extremely clear by individually packaging and labeling their pills with a pregnant woman's belly with a slash through it. How much more obvious could they be? Despite this, there have been about 300 women who still got pregnant while on Accutane...which is one of the main reasons they may take Accutane off the market. I really hope that this doesn't happen, because Accutane is the only thing that ever worked for me, and I would hate to see anyone suffer with horrible acne just because of a few irresponsible people. I feel very strongly about passing on the correct information and also following strict guidelines related to the use of Accutane, because I don't ever want to see it removed from the market.

Accutane isn't for everyone. It's a serious commitment, has potential side effects, which require frequent follow-up office visits and blood work, and is also expensive...but I also must say that it worked miracles for me. There aren't even words to explain how thankful I am that this drug was available to me.

I still get a few pimples here and there but it's nothing like the cystic acne that would last for WEEKS on end, leaving ugly scarring in the process. I can actually walk out of the house without make-up on now without feeling self conscious about my appearance. So without hesitation, I would easily recommend Accutane to others, after trying other treatments first.

As I read through this, I realize that it makes Accutane sound a little scary. It's not meant to be. Accutane is meant to be looked at with the respect it deserves. If you're monitored closely by your dermatologist, then you'll find great improvement hopefully without any major side effects. Accutane is a truly wonderful drug when used correctly. I can say from personal experience that it will make a drastic difference in your skin's appearance. If you suffer from acne, check with your dermatologist to see what steps you can take to look your best. But make sure you thoroughly weigh the pros and cons of taking Accutane, as this isn't a decision to be made lightly. Good luck and stay healthy whistling.gif)

ths grl is a frnd on myspac who put this as a blog, in a few of her pix u can sorta see some redmarks but not too bad

neway she ws in MAXIM and thus i declar her rightly hot (+shes in my state)

so heres a gd success story

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