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has anyone completed a series of microdermabrasions

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I am seeing a cosmetic surgeon in 2 weeks and I intend to do a series of 6 microdermabrasions with her. I am hoping this will reduce my scarring somewhat. I do not expect a miracle but I do hope for some improvement. Has anyone done this and did it reduce your scarring?

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Yes....6 microdermabrassions in 7 weeks.

No improvement on my scar (indented scar).

No improvement on red/browmarks.

But, skin was smooth during the treatment session.

GOOD LUCK to you....hope it works for you.

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Microdermabrasion in my opinion is not worth it. I did a series of 10 and my scars were still there and my face was still red. If you're going to be spending that much money on 6 treatments, I would suggest looking into something else. Try some peels and needling.

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I have no deep scars other than 3 ice picks that I had treated with subcision. I have minor scarring that I have treated with microderms and had great improvments from it. U can see a great difference each time u do them if they are down far enough to really start to treat the scars and not just the outermost layer of skin.

Everyone has to find a perfect mix for their own skin. Mine was accutane to end the acne for good, acne free scar eraser to treat redness and some nasty indents all over my cheeks, subcisions and excision to remove 3 ice picks and one raised scars, Microderms to remove the minor scarring, and finally will do Fraxels to finish it all up.

Sounds like a lot and it is but I dont feel like slitting my wrists anymore and have almost forgot that terrible nightmare a year ago. I hope everyone on here gets to that point.

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JC83 - thanks for your feedback. It's a shame you din't see any results re scarring but anything, even an improvement in skin smoothness will be welcomed!

Cancucker - Thanks for that advice. I think my scarring would really benefit from needling and I would really like to try it but I haven't found a derm or cosmetic surgeon who will do it. They all want use their laser machines.

Keith23 - Thanks. I have a lot of shallow scarring on my forehead, temples and lower cheeks so if it worked for you then that is good news to me! I also have a lot of other scarring, icepicks/large pores and a rather serious scar on my left cheek, but hey, scar revision is a slow process. I have finally accepted that my scar treatment will take time and that it will be a combination of treatments that will do it.

I have been using Retin-A for 10 weeks and that has helped quite a bit and I believe massaging the scar sites has too. Hopefully the microderms will reduce my scarring even further. After that I will see what other stuff I can do. Maybe I can spot treat some of the more serious scarring on my face with a strong laser like CO2. It's great to read that you have made so much progress, it gives me hope!

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Keith I think does his own. I think he has a machine like a pro one, not those store bought ones.

So he can do whatever, how deep how often etc. Thats way better I guess.

I have had a series of 6 at a derms. and nothing.

Unless someone is to be aggressive and concentrate on the scarred areas I would say no.

Keith is kinda lucky to have one. I'd be scared to use it myself.

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Guest Locked In Grace

Depending on the sorts of scarring really. Bang for your buck wise, it's pretty lousy. More of a maintenance routine for someone with good skin. Money would be better spent on other modalities.

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i did a series of 6 and it didn't do a darn thing for my indented scars, only made my hyperpigmented brown marks less brown and made my skin feel smoother to the touch. But even that smooth feeling didn't last very long. A month after completing the 6 sessions my skin pretty much went back to where it was before except there were less brown marks.

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I just signed up for a series of Microderms. I think it depends on what kind of machine they are using. The diamondtome supposedly goes about 50% as deep as fraxel, so maybe it will do something. Actually, I 'm not doing it for scar reduction. I just have a lot of clogged pores/blackheads that I really think emphasize the scars, so I'm trying to clean out my skin. It already looks smoother! Although a bit blotchy because she was pretty aggressive with it!

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