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acne in cold weather

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Hey guys, these past years, Ive had acne problems. but this past summer, it cleared up very nicely. What I did was take broccoli pills, eat a bit healthier, drink apple cider vinegar, make some green shakes, and stopped the CSR regimen. and everything worked out good. I would just wash with the gentle cleanser morning and night, and only spot treat a little if i needed it. In the summer, i had more shiny skin and a bit oily, but it looked very very healthy compared to now

this past month, its been gettin cold and dry, and winter is on the way. my acne is gettin worse, and gettin red, blotchy and itchy. I havent changed my routine at all really. still take the broccli pills, the apple cider vinegar, etc. i'm cuttin back on washing with the gentle cleanser and going to see if that helps. but im really thinking about gettin a humidifier for my room. do you think this will help?

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That's a good question, I'd like to know if this is helpful as well

Yeah I really think humidity and a little oil is what makes my face substantially clear. The natural oil tends to moisturize my skin and make it healthy, which unlike the dry weather that makes me break out and shit.. I would give anything to get my face like it was in the summer. I think a humidifier would help. I dont want to use artificial things like moisturizers and creams though, because I have a feeling that those really wont help.

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My derm says seasonal change can affect acne. My acne has been getting worse since it got colder recently. Must be the heater that makes the air drier.

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