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Damn this big cyst I had in the corner of my nose and right eye is coming back. It's filling up with fluid again... This is crap Last time it got so big it looked like I got punched in the eye. I had to get 3 cortizone shots in that baby to bring it down last time. 3. Now it's fucking back?!


I hate reoccuring cysts! :mad:


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i hate them also. accutane will zap it away for good soon :D

I hope to god so. I can't stand these cysts much longer. Wihiteheads would appeal more to me than these that take forever to go away and then return even after 3 cortisone shots! I swear I could shoot my face off and they'd come in on my skull. :doubt:

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Guest ThereIsHope

I HHAHAAATTEEEE cysts!!!! I've had three small ones that are CONNECTED to each other near my mouth on my jawline for MONTHS now. They arn't red and you can't even see them when I have make-up on, but I can feel them when I wash my face and apply topicals! Accutane better get rid of them because I am sick and tired of these triplets living in my fraekin' face!!!! :evil:

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Sorry, I have to move this ... we try to keep acne-related threads out of the Lounge ...

Emo or Cystic forum? I guess we'll go with cystic.

Good luck with this, hon.

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