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Hey Everyone, this is my first time posting. I can't even remember the last time I looked into the mirror and saw a clear face. I never had acne at all up until I turned 19 years old. Then it just kinda got worse everyday. I never really had bad cysts or anything, but i mean, it was everywhere and it sucked. It gave me anxiety to be around people and really really wore me out. I'm almost done with month 2 of accutane right now, and i got over the terrible initial breakout and its finally working i think. This acne shit just turned my life upside down,i was afraid to go places,do things, meet people, it really sucked. At least I'm a much stronger person now, the hardest stuff seems like nothing now that I've suffered from acne for 8 months or so. I know people go through worse things, but it just really really got to me. I'm not arrogant at all, but I am an attractive guy and my smile and nice face was always good for me, and the fact that that got fucked up really messed with my head. Anyways, I know if i can get through this, anyone can. I'm still struggling along, but i just know the accutane will work. Thanks and good luck.

P.S. And remember, it could always be worse.

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Hey there, I'm on like month..errr.. 6? of accutane and it's done it's job well. Not completely clear yet but I'm on my way :D you'll probably be amazed at how much it can do for you. And you're right, even though it sucks having crappy skin it does make everything seem so much better when you get clear, it makes you appreciate simple stuff even more like not having to worry about your face constantly, not having to use special face washes and taking pills etc. So good luck with the tane. Keep truckin' :angel:

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Guest Sincerely_Me

Welcome to the boards!

Good luck with Accutane, and keep your head up! =)

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