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Benzamycin log

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Hello everyone :angel:

After years of break outs, and bad acne I resorted to getting Minocyclne. And it did clear me up wonderfully. For four years I only got the odd zit or two. Then I did a liver cleanse, and took supplements last summer(not the past one) And in a couple monthes after that I was suddenly getting break outs again on my cheeks. And then my chin started to break out. I resorted to lots of various things..but it was just making it worse and worse. Getting break outs where I never had them before! All thanks to Tea Tree wash from Derma E...ung. And I think B-vitamins made me worse too. No matter what I did after nothing was clearing it up. The egg white mask seemed to help for my red marks..but NOT with break outs..My skin became so dry after that, even after moisterisung. Then I developed a bad rash. And was on emo-corstone creams off and on. to get rid of it.

I returned to my doctors and he told me that I "now" have acne. "AGAIN"(from years before..) So he prescribed me some crappy crazy skin cleanser, some Taro-Clidmamycin Phospate solution to apply every night on the afftected areas. And along with some anti-botic that'll kill the bacteria thats floating around in my blood to get rid of the infection. And well..I think that really REALLY helped the most out of everything! Cept..I was left with bad---BAD marks and little persistent white heads in little clusters here and there by my jawline. Then I went on Face Doctor Soap. SURE it cleared away most of the redness in my marks and what not..But it kept giving me little white heads..that soon became red zits. And three of them became hurty-hurty papules. That are now finally gone! So I quite that crap too.

Following that my doctor prescribed me with Benzamycin gel. Because what I was using seemed to be to harsh for my face. It was just making my blemishs 10x redder and blotchy looking(red marks).

So here's what I am left with for my extrenal regieme: washing with"Clean and Clear Senstive Skin Cleanser" And then applying Benzamycin gel. Moisterising in the morning to combat dryness. Internally I am taking supplements; borage oil&Letchin. Its clearing me up(70%), but there's still my jawline that concerns me still..So I hope with this and my gel that I'll be 100% clear!! :D

~Benzamycin log~

"Day 1"

Put on my hair band gentley cleansed, rinsed it off well with warm water, gentley patted dry. Went to my fridge to get my gel(because it has to be kept in the fridge).I gentley rubbed in a thin layer of the gel ontop of the blemishs and gentley around it as well. The gel is white, not clear. And once it starts drying you can see the white chalky residue ontop. As I sat on my couch waiting for it to dry I felt a "slight" tingling sensation. And it itched a little bit as well then went away. I looked in the mirror before bed and my face seemed un-irritated at all. I lingered around taking my time before bed, so I wouldn't stain my bedding. I haven't used BP for the longest time. Since I was like..14. I don't recall being allergic to it. Though sulfur doesn't really agree with me..or triso-clan. SA agress with me, always has. TTO sorta agrees with me..but I am not really keen on scaly blemishs..

Woke up to find some white chalkness on my face..Does that mean I didn't rub it in good enough to be absorbed??..hmm.

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Day 02.

Okay second day of Benzamycin gel. During the evening I felt that the sides of my face were super irritated and itchy..I looked in the mirror and it was pretty darn red looking. As the gel dries my skin feels pretty tight, and itches a little as it dries. So the irritation continued(it was only slight irritation) and it was bugging me, keeping me up from sleeping..So I rubbed on a good sized amount of "Derma E Tea Tree and E cream"...And then it started to feel really warm, and started to BURN..And it DIDN'T go away. I woke up, to what looks like..sun burn all over my face(minus nose, forehead, mouth area) And those are the EXACT same places I applided it..ung.

Great, I think I have an allergy to TTO...... :wall:

Actually I am 100% postive I do. No matter what I DO I always end up screwing something up in the end!.....I look like a monster. I think it was the combo of "Benzamycin gel"and "TTO cream" that made me burnt lookin..I didn't slather it all over my face like I did the cream. So its not that..though it may have "increased my senstivity"...I duinno what to do now??!!...

What sorta treatments or creams, ointments can I use that won't clog my pores, yet heal up my skin without irritation???!!!!!

Please, please..someone HELP..I need your guys advice. I don't want to work looking like this..I look so horrible, and it is so uncomfortable, painfull........ :|

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Day 03

Okay after the entire day of red..stinging, hot feeling...itching skin I just applided cool compresses and put aloe vera on my face. And then at night time before bed I put on a very tiny amount of the gel, then moisterised 20 mins after drying. Well it didn't feel as "as" irritated..So i went to bed feeling hopefull that it just needs to get use to my skin.

This morning I woke up to find that my face wasn't burning or itching anymore. "Yay!" I am thinking as I run to tell my mom the hopefull news. As soon as she spinned around in her chair to see my face her jaw dropped in utter horror: "Oh my dear..your poor face has swollen up!" what I am thinking as I turn on the lights in the bathroom to see if she's right. And swollen it was....it appeared that I gained 10 pounds just in my face, because it looked that "that" swollen! It hurts even to talk...to eat...to laugh..to smile.

I am clearly allergic to BP..Very allergic. I can't even wipe under my eyes, because my cheeks are balloned up and are under my eyes..

So yes I am in lots and lots lots..of pain, discomfort..And my doc is on vacation! I am clearly stopping the BP, as I am allergic. I am postive. "Burning, redness, itching..discolourment and swelling IS an allergy"..

Now I am eatin ice-cream because I am in so much pain in my mouth..and my entire face..I feel like a monster.. My one eye is half closed cuz of this..think "Hunch Back of Notre Dam"..Yup, thats me right now.

Screw topicals. I am clearly not fitted for them!

Has anyone on this forum had an reaction to this like me?!...Or am I the only one, again..Even my bf was like: "You are the only person I know that has such senstive senstive skin" Me: "Yeah..I know". Its lame, but I felt kinda upset after that was said..It made it seem in-senstive..or maybe its just me in my terrible mood. I am glad I don' t have to work with my face like this!..I am very thankfull for that.

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Okay my face swelled up 10x worse then yesterday. I am in so much pain...it aches and hurts so much. :(

I am clearly allergic to the gel, so i have stopped using it..for now anyways. Untill I rule some things out.

I look like I am wearing a fat suit on my face..(you know those rubber masks comedinas wear to make people look fat)..My bf visted me, and told me: "Your face is all swollen up...aw"

My sister calls me chubby bunny.. :lol:

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