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I read that soap bars shouldn't be used on the face because they contain ingredients like sodium cocoate and other stuff that keeps them in the bar form, and because they have alkaline pH levels.

My question is, what about the Kiss My Face soap bar where the only ingredients are:

saponified olive oil


sodium chloride

Does this sound alright for my face? Or should all soap bars not be used as a face wash period?

Thanks in advance!

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and bacteria grows on tehm. if you use a soap bar u atually have to wash the soap bar and get off the top couple layers before you use it on ur face.

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hm.... I think the liquid type moisturizers are normally more effective though. I think that if the gentle cleansers irritate your skin or cause it to be dry, you might want to try dan's cleanser since I found it not to be drying.

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I buy the soap cleansers for my daughter, shes 11 and since starting dans regimen, her acne has almost cleared.she used to use the liquid cleansers, she tried oxy, boots skin kindly, asda own brand, ketsugo, to name but a few, they all irritated her skin, so we switched to pears oil free wash bar, and it has helped clear her skin beautifully, plus they are less fuss and a hell of a lot cheaper,id say them them a try.

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