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Worried about shaving, what you guys think?

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I don't have much acne, and I'm on 40mg of Accutane on my 3rd month.

I only shave around mouth area lately, I'm 15 and other sides face take a while to grow.

IF I started shaving other areas again will it cut up my face and pimples? Or what will happen?

I'm using Gilette Sensor3 razor with shaving gel from Edge Advanced Ultra Sensitive

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no edge, use aveeno shaving cream sensitive skin. blue cap

try to not go over pimples, and if hair is there go gently over it. keep area shaved everyday, hair can sometimes cause pimples and it is more irritatin to shave after you have hair there.

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Hey Boys. I would recommend using Philips Cool Skin electric razor. It is incredible.. so much less irritation than any standard razor. About $80 but definately worth it.

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If you dont have extremely sensitive skin or use harsh irritating products on your face (glycolic acid peals in the 20%+ range, large doses of BP, etc)... I've noticed little impact on acne from shaving... wash your face after. You'll prolly get some bumpiness... ignore it... and usiong a fresh sharp razor and plenty of lubrication as well as clearing the razor several times will minimize this.

I dont think anything to do with shaving CAUSES acne... but if not done properly it will irritate the skin... which can contribute to acne especially if you are pouring gobs of nasty chemical shit onto the irritated skin also. Most of the time though, just let it settle down after you shave, maybe a little cool water to sooth any razorburn (which you shouldnt have if shaving properly) and then once your face feels better, a gentle washing and you're golden. If your pimples are particularly pronounced (sticking up) or have noticable heads, then you might be best not shaving until that settles down, or using an electric razor.

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dude my advice=get a double edge old skool razor

works swt+ no ingrown hairs=no weird hair.pmples

usd in 2 wks for me = gr8 rsults

merker makes the one i use

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