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Man, I'm getting tired of this s...

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I'm really getting tired of the acne right now. Last night, I even began to question myself on how much longer I could go on fighting it. Everyday having to wake up to something new popping up is wearing on me. This has gone on for over a year now, and I know that might not be long compared to many others on the org but, I never had to deal with anything like this before. When I go back home and see photos of myself from before, I can't believe how different I look now. It's frustrating when you do whatever you can to improve your skin and it doesn't seem to help. Maybe this vent will help a little...

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hang in there...go to your derm for stronger meds maybe? what are you on right now? i know its frustrating, especially since its such an emotional roller-coaster. i hate that all i can do is combat acne and not be totally "cured."

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keep your chin up, i'm going through a bit of a tough time right now but things'll get better eventually :angel: , it's just waiting for it to happen that's difficult. it's not just emotionally tiring, but i'm physically tired too... having to get up extra early so i have enough time to put on makeup, going back and forwards to my derm and just everything i do is so much harder because i'm always worrying about my skin and stressed out. What are you using for your skin at the moment? I agree with rose, if you've been on something a while and it's not working then maybe ask to switch to something else.. or if you haven't been to the derms yet then maybe book up an appointment? well, i hope you're feeling better soon... one day this'll all be over so just keep reminding yourself of that =]

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i used to look at my old photographs when i had clear skin with so much frustration and anger. but ive been using those photos now as an instrument to keep myself motivated in getting my clear skin back. no matter how unfair i think life has been to me bec i never enjoyed my teens with clear skin (hence i had constant emotional and social struggles), i never lose hope (maybe almost though).

i hope you also get your inner strength back. :comfort:

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what pisses me off alot is when im talking to my mom and she is just asking herself ' why does he have such skin'.it really hurts me.

and yesterday she saw a big zit on my neck and asked what bit me.i was so depressed and angry.i wanted to throttle something :(

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Guest Sincerely_Me

I know what you mean. I had mild acne, but my mom would always be so bitchy about that, always being like "God, we need to do something about your skin", and in the most insensitive way ever. She would literally throw a fit over it and I would cry out of anger and hurt. She would never even apologize for being so rude. I'm okay now, but parents get like that sometimes.

I know there are some people who know what it is, but get satisfaction out of you telling them. There will always be those kind of people...

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