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My success with Bion products (used for 7 months now)

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Here is my story after fighting against acne for 3½ years. Hope you get some tips from it and get clear too!

I got my first pimples when I was 13 years old, at first I got them only in the middle of my face. First my grandma brought me a cleanser and moisturizer from local market. I used them occasionally because my acne wasn't very bad then. My grandma told me over and over again to use those products but I didn't. That lasted for about 12 months, I didn't do almost anything during that time for my face. My face stayed pretty much the same for that year, then I went to 8th class. From end of the summer until the christmas my skin got a bit worse. Still didn't do much for it. After christmas I started to think maybe I should do something for my acne because it was getting worse and worse. I went to a cosmetician and started to use Dermalogica products, they worked a little but not much. They didn't stop my acne from getting worse. I used them for about a year. Then I bought from here Dans CSR gel and Cetaphil cleanser bar and neutrogena moisturizer. They worked for me pretty good, in four weeks I got rid of my blackheads and it decreased whiteheads forming. After those four weeks my skin got really really red in just two days. I was as red as a firetruck. Then my grandma told me that she's allergic to bp and I might be too. So I quit using dans CSR gel. Then we went to a dermatologist again and she recommended me new product series called bion. I started to use bion products because I had no other choise. Just hoped that it would work. Here is a list what I used for the first 6 weeks:

- Bion antibacterial cleanser

- Bion acne inhibiting gel

- Dermalogica oil control lotion

- Bion green tea / clay mask

The improvement after 6 weeks was light. Then I went to that same dermatologist for face cleaning and talked with her what should I do now. She recommended me some new products, here is a list of products that I used for the next 8 weeks:

- Bion antibacterial cleanser

- Bion acne inhibiting gel

- Bion salisylic / glycolic gel

- Bion blackhead / whitehead controller (used only for my nose)

- Dermalogica oil control lotion

- Bion green tea / clay mask

This combination started to work for me and my skin started to get clear. These products made improvement slowly. I still had quite a few pimples and blackheads. After those 8 weeks I went to that same dermatologist again and this time we decided to change the mask to mineral clay mask. After this I just used the products for about 12 weeks without changing anything. My skin was after those 12 weeks better than it had been for a long time but still no clear. Then I went to that same dermatologist again and this time we made some major changes on my products. Here is a list of products I use now:

- 1. Bion antibacterial cleanser (I use this first. Frist I water my hands and then apply the product. Then I wash it off without using my hands under running water. Then dry my face with towel gently)

- Bion acne inhibiting gel (This is the second product I use, I just apply it all over my face gently, it's important to put quite much, but not too much.)

- 2. Bion salisylic / glycolic gel (This is the third product I wait about 2 minutes after acne inhibiting gel and then apply this. I first water my fingers and then spread it on my face, I also put CSR gel on my nose at the same time, I dont put salisylic / glycolic gel on my nose but I do put the other products)

- 2. Dans CSR gel (I changed Bion blackhead / whitehead controller on my own because it didn't work and started using dans gel, still only for my nose.)

- 3. Bion moisture complex (This comes fourth. I wait about 8-10 minutes after applying salisylic / glycolic gel. Just gently spread all over face)

- 4. Bion mineral clay mask (This is the last i only put this in the evening, I leave it on over night. Water your fingers and spread over face. I also put this on whitehead in the morning if i get one, but also put it last in the morning. )

Now those are the products I think are the best! My skin is very clear now I get like two or three little whiteheds in a week and those are gone in two days after they've formed. And they don't leave me red marks anymore. I still have some little blackheads on my nose but they've gotten smaller and smaller, almost gone by now. I had that rise like skin and lots of whiteheads when my acne was very bad but now dont't have those anymore, thanks to bion products. So I think that everyone who is allergic or sensitive to benzoyl peroxide should try bion, because I think it can work for almost anyone. I've done some other changes as well like quit drinking milk and I try to avoid foods with lots of fat. I also eat Zink tablets (45mg/day) and some product which I don't know name in english but it includes 800mg Kalcium, 350mg Magnesium, 15mg Zink, 2,5mg Mangan, 2mg Cupar, 60mg C-vitamin, 5micrograms D-vitamin, 70micrograms K-vitamin, 30micrograms Biotin. So I get pretty much Zink in one day because I take three pills of both, so if someone thinks that it's bad for my health please let me know because it is quite much to take 90mgs of Zink a day. But haven't had any side effects. The bion products are quite expensive they cost here in Finland 30 euros / product. I use about 100 euros for them each month so they aren't cheap but worth the price. So that is my story, I'm glad if this helps even one person to get his / hers acne under control. Feel free to comment or ask me about anything.

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