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Natural-esk makeup

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I dislike make up, it makes me feel self conscious when I wear it and people look at me it makes me feel as if they are looking at my make up. Also I have oily skin so about half ways through the day its pretty much sliding off my face. However, when I am not wearing it, I feel unpolished.

It doesn't matter how good your hair looks, how spiffy your outfit is or how clean your shoes are if your skin its mucky your over all look is wrecked! Is frustrating! :doh:

Can anyone suggest a good make up that covers acne scars without making them look like chalky gray spots and looks even a LITTLE BIT natural?

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No matter what the commercials say, regular liquid foundation..... expensive or not.... new fancy whipped or mixed or liquid etc.... I could FEEL it on my face and I could see exactly where I put it.

It always looked awful (in my head anyway) and I knew after about an HOUR that people were looking at my bad make up job I had spent half an hour on. It would separate (slide off) and I would have to retouch and always bring compacts and the sample thingys of foundation.

I knew it was not helping my acne problem at all but I couldn't go out anywhere nice without it, it was a vicious cycle.

That changed, the DAY I got my mineral make up. Now, saying I'm a fan is an understatement. I was very hesitant and skeptical, but I'm a believer now!

It's light, you CAN NOT feel it on your face... I'm guessing because you're practically putting nothing on.

It covers naturally.... really! After I practiced (the first couple times it looked bad cuz I put too much on) I was amazed at the coverage and the look of it. Now when I go out I am NOT afraid of people looking at me and wondering why I have so much make up on.

It does not slide off or separate! Even after hours, I've done about 10 hours at a time, it looks pretty much the same as when I put it on! I also work out (skating) in it and it didn't really budge.

Most of the topics on the make up help are about mineral make up, so I know here there's lots of converts! There's several brands to choose from, and one should be right for you. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth a try. www.everydayminerals.com gives free samples, all you need is a good brush to put them on with and you're set.

OH! And they are very reasonable prices! Cheap (or free), to around $15-20 for a jar that will last you MONTHS, or a year if you don't wear it everyday like me.

There's my sales pitch...... I should do an infomercial for them.... lol

(sorry for the long reply)

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i agree w. finallymejess with any liquid or non mineral it looked disgusting and i KNEW it but i just kept wearing it because i couldnt find ANY makeup that looked decent

i love joppa minerals (www.joppaminerals.com) because it FEELS nice (u dont feel anything on ur face but i like how when u put it on its not all gooey and nasty pore clogging feeling like other makeup) and it covers SO WELL. its alsoooo cheap (like 10 bucks for a big jar) i usd to pay 50 bucks for lancome, mac and all that expensive shit that just made my face look nastty and goopey.

i tried everydayminerals & Bare escentuals but it had horrible coverage for me. also gave my skin kind of a weird sheen - i didnt like it. everydaymineral sample jars are very small, joppa has big ones!

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I'm never going back to traditional makeup. Mineral makeup has played a huge role in keeping my skin clear (in addition to CSR and BHA).

I use Everyday Minerals Intensive Formula. Great company and great prices.

Just a couple of months ago I was crying about my skin and this morning I was just staring in the mirror in disbeleif b/c I never have seen my skin look so smooth and clear.

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I'm in this situation too. I just spent $56 on Mac makeup (I only got 2 pieces out of it too) and I don't even like it! The studio FX covers well but it feels so heavy and my oily skin looks terrible in it after a day at work. The powder is alright, but it's just powder so I don't even wanna wipe my face with a napkin and again, the oil problem.

I ordered Joppa minerals makeup last weekend, and I absolutely cannot wait til it gets here!! I'm hoping for the results a lot of people talk about. =)

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Guest Sincerely_Me

Liquid make up...SUCKS so badly. I thought it was okay until I tried minerals. Since minerals I have tried to wear liquid foundation once, I started to put it on and immediately tossed it, nothing will ever compare to mineral make up. If you don't want EDM or JM, buy L'Oreal Bare Naturale, looks great too. I love mineral make up. It DOES NOT come off and looks BETTER as the day goes on. Haha. I sweat when I work out, you would never be able to tell. I love it!

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