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My acne, with pictures.

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Hey all. I just recently started my treatment with adoxa, retin-a micro. and some brevoxyl wash prescribed by my derm. Im on day 5, and I think one thing I learned so far that no one warned me about. Shaving then washing your face is a VERY bad idea. I did this yesterday and my face feels like i had a bad sunburn, although its feeling better now. It still burns when wash my face with anything but water. Hopefully this will go away in a few days. Anything else similiar to that I should watch out for?

Ive had acne since I was 15, im 17 now. My brother had it just as bad as me, but his cleared up around his 18th birthday. So im hoping that happens to me as well, but until then im going to treat it because im sick of having bad acne.

Images linked:



how bad would you rate this on a 1-10? My derm said it wasnt bad, but about 7/10. however ive never really seen anyone else with acne as bad as mine in real life. Im looking for any suggestions, or people who have had experience with these treatments. the adoxa i have is 1/150mg. In the pictures, my skin is alot redder then it usually is due to the whole shaving incident. :wall::wall: How do I shave while using these products?

edit - forgot to mention. Most of the time I just get these bumps that are pretty small under the skin. they usually last for 3-4 days. they usually always produce a white head. are these pustules, or what? the past 5 days i have been using this treatment. nothing new has formed, which i found odd but good at the same time. I thought it was supposed to get worse before it gets better?

thanks in advance


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Try not to use too many or too much of topicals cause they can over dry your skin and make things worse and make you have acne longer!! Your young yet so you still have a chance that you will grow out of it. Just be gentle and don't scrub. Eating healthy, exercise, and vitamins have helped me a lot. Also try steaming and Moojamba's dip method. The dipping is working really good for a lot of people that are trying it!!! Good luck and I hope it gets better for you!

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I would say about 7. But thats in mild. Severe you are like 3-10 maybe not that. You have what i got just some more. Wash your face twice a day with a warm rag. That will help and get out side about @ least 1-3 hours a day. Avoid the sun some.

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Only time I clean my face is when I shower. Anything more than that is overkill.

And dont put alot of topicals on your face...More doesnt mean better results. Put some at night and during the day if your not working or at school spot treat your Pimples.

if you need to go out just put on some light natural makeup..There is makeup for guys that works.

I say your a 8 in moderate Acne...a 3 in severe.

remember Dont pick at your face...NEVER!!...It' the law ok.

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I think you should look into accutane

I figured an update would be nice, heres me 32 days later. i have noticed my skin is definently alot smoother now, it almost feels wierd when i wash my face. not feeling tons of bumps etc.

IPB Image

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If the current regimen is helping stick with it. Hopefully you will be like your brother and grow out of it in a few years. If not, then think about other options (i.e. no need to get Accutane just yet!). Good luck.

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