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Sweet Potato Carrot Kale, boiled Mango Turnip Greens Spinach, raw Papaya Red Bell Pepper Apricot Cantaloupe Milk, Fat Free Romaine Egg, large Milk, whole Tomato, raw Broccoli Green Bell Pepper Orange

These foods all contain Vitamin A. Which you are not supposed to have AT ALL with Accutane? I was wondering if I can drink milk, have eggs etc.? How easy is it to screw up? Kinda like the alcohol thing, u can have maybe one drink once a month.

Im just worried about long-term effects once again. Im going to have a big talk with my dermatologist next time I see her. This is my first checkup and I want to SEE the blood results paper that my insides are okay. Its not her body thats going thru this after all.

Thanks :)

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you can eat all those things. that's fine, just don't take Vit a supplements because they can make the side effects more severe.

those foods contain vit a that won't be absorbed by the body unless you need it.

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Those foods contain Vitamin A precursors. Those are fine, your body won't make them into Vitamin A unless it needs to. You need to avoid preformed Vitamin A (like retinyl palmitate in supplements). The only foods that contain significant pre-formed Vitamin A are organ meats like liver.

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