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1st time on accutane 20 mg/day

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Hy .

Im on my 2nd day on accutane 20 mg a day .... actually my main problem is folliculitis but i have a few pimples too.

I have a few questions...hope someone could help me.

I have to shave once a week but i dont know how to do it......

And i have doubts about going to the gym cause my doctor told me that i could experince some muscular pain.....

How should i shave....and ..what about excercise....???

Sorry if my english suck�s im from Argentina.

Besides that..nothing much happening on my 2nd day................

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Day 7.

Im getting a few new pimples..but they dry very fast.

besides that.............im having very greasy forehead..and T-zone.

I think i have a very low dose...so im having slow progress.

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could you describe how bad your acne is? (are they small or are they cystic and in which areas of your face?)

been on 10mg for almost 6months now and it does it job pretty well. good luck with your treatment.

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I think i have mild acne.......

Actually my main problem is folliculitis...(ingrown-hair)

10...mg a dayfor six months...!

I thought mine was ...low dose.

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Day 13.

Well it´s been a while since my last post so ....

Lips...very,very dry.....

i had a break out ....in days 8,9,10....

my skin is not dry at all.............i thought that was inusual...but i think its because of my low dose.. (20 mg a day)

nothing much to report .... im doing ok and it´s beginnig to work...!

I just have a doubt .... it´s ok to drink alcohol douring accutane...??

I have a no red meat, no smoke, no drinking diet.. since october 1 .. but im thinking in having a few beers once in a while.... is that OK ???

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