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Pantethine (other form of B5)

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Hi All,

I was just looking over some threads and many of you are still using B5 or Pantothenic Acid. Is there anyone that is using Pantethine? I just started taking some every day to see what would happen and after a week something is starting to happen. I used to take 12 grams of B5 a day slit up (about 5 years ago) and my skin was beatiful for a long time but I just got tired of taking so many BIG pills as mine were 1 gram each. I'm hitting a wall here so now I am trying old remedies but now in the form of Pantethine. This stuff is a lot cheaper than when I was using Pantothenic acid 5 years ago. Also since then I have tried everything on this forum and elsewhere, nothing has worked as good as B5.

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Well I dont take megadose but only 1.5 gram a day as program Demodex.


When you took megadose b5 you had any side effect?

Yes I had unpredictable diaria and my teeth got really sensitive. It was the teeth sensitivity that made me stop immediately because it got to the point to where I couldn't even drink anything cold anymore or eat hot food. Hopefully this Pantethine wont do the same.

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For how much time B5 made you get clear?

From what I remember, it took about a month. It was definitely noticable. I still had minor eruptions but I was going through a lot of stress at that time.

Isn't it Pantothenic Acid?

That stuff worked alot better then B5 shit...

Pantothenic acid is B5. It comes in different forms and pantethine is another form. Our bodies convert pantothenic acid into pantethine so by taking pantethine you are skipping the conversion process.

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I forgot to mention that before the pantothenic acid treatment 5 years ago, I had cystic acne all over my face, chest, and back. Within a week of taking it my skin started to clear immediately like a miracle. After reading some treads on this forum that people were getting nice results using pantethine I thought I'd give it another try. I miss how pantothenic acid cleared my skin (98%) so now I hope that using pantethine will give me the same results with a significantly lower dose. Back then I was taking 12g just to keep clear so now I am taking 1.8g of pantethine to hopefully get back to that state without all of the side effects like the sensitive teeth. Since a week ago my skin is already starting to look better as I watch these cysts shrink using the pantethine.

Since the time I was on B5 before I tried everything you could imagine, from high doses of vitamin A (almost killed me!) to becoming a Vegan but NOTHING works as good as good ol' B5!

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Guest ThereIsHope

I've been on 10g of B5 for 2 and a half months and NOTHING. I'm now starting accutane this week. YES!

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