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chemical peel question!

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i just did a chemical peel today (im not sure which kind but its suppose to be for my acne pigmentation) . Anyways im curious as to why they told me to make sure i use moisturizer after. isnt the point of a chemical peel to have lots of peeling and that way new skin will form? doesnt using a moisturizer reduce the amount of peeling? any help would be appreciated.

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Take pics of your progress so that you can compare the improvement later.

Ya. They say to use moisturiser after the peel. I think it is to counteract the dryness after your skin peeled. I guess moisturiser would not reduce the amount of peeling, but to prevent dryness lol.

Someone experience please comment.

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you need to makie sure you use a moisturiser because you dont want to be walking around with dry patches on your skin, plus if the dry pacthes were to crack, it would be very sore, therefore applying moisturiser eliminates the dryness and allows your skin to peel naturally.

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oh and i forgot to add im phillipino so my skin is a bit dark. hopefully it all goes well.

Update: the area around my cheeks are becoming a bit red/pinkish. No peeling yet though=(

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day 3 : hooooooooooooooooooooooooly crap is there a lot of peeling =) and i mean A LOOOOOOT!

Good or bad?

I wanna see your pic?

Do you put on mosturiser?

Good Luck, hope you will see positive result in the next 2-3 days.

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I haven;t done peel by myself yet.

Ya, you would look like big red yucky apple for both classes.

I suggest you do it on Friday after class.

Take some pics if you do peel and send it to me if you don;t mind...hehe

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