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Waxing lip while on accutane?

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i am on retina at night and bp during the day, and last time i waxed my upperlip i took off an entire layer of skin. i was soooo lucky that it healed VERY quickly (mabye because of the retin a causing quick skin turnover). however, i dont know what to do. i cannot pluck each individual hair on my upper lip. that is WAY too painful. should i just bleach it?? i feel like thats no good.

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Foomph, have you tried waxing yet? While accutane is know to increase sensitivity, it doesn't do it to everyone. I have waxed quite a few people that were on it and had no problem. I'm not totally familiar with how it works, but I know as far as aha's and retin a, we usually tell people not to use for 48 hours before getting waxed and that generally prevents the irritation. I don't know it it's an option, but just thought I'd let you know.

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Thanks Kei! My skin is so fragile...I'm not sure if I want to risk it...it *is* blond, but just...there...I'll have to see what's what when I go to my derm again...

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hi foomph -- just be glad your hair is blonde there! :) personally, i just bleach mine to get it blonde, and then i leave it alone! i tried waxing once, a few years ago (sally hansen), and in return a got a dark, bright red rash PLUS dreadful upper-lip breakout that took about 3-4 weeks to fully heal. ever since, i've stuck to bleaching (though i believe that over time, bleaching has contributed to my hyperpigmentation problem, since i have to leave it on much longer than the recommended time).

anyway, have you considered just leaving it alone? i know that might be preposterous to you.. much like it is when people are like, "oh, that's silly that you bleach; you shouldn't do taht anymore." cuz to me, i HAVE to bleach, or i'll feel really gross. but i really am jealous of the blonde that you have naturally -- they might not be as apparent to everyone else as they are to you. just something to consider.

if you absolutely must remove them, and don't want to use chemicals, you could get one of those little upper lip hair trimmers that they sell. i know remington makes a little electric one, and the other day i saw a little travel one (not electric) at sephora. pretty cool. :D

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Thanks Clear Dream! I never used to wax it until last year and now I feel so gross if I don't...but maybe I could just leave it...

Suzylee-if I break, I might just try those biore strips

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